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Thursday, August 28, 2008

We Started Our Chicago Adventure... jumping on the *L* and heading downtown.
Got off the train at Adams and hopped down the steps to the street level.
Why look Honey! We are in the Theater District! Imagine that!
Oh boy! Oh joy! Lookie! The Goodman Theater! Great, legendary stage performers have made their way to this place over the years. Huh? Oh yeah...that Dennehy guy has been here a time or two but I am not going to get all worked up over that....really!
Ah we are, just outside the Goodman's front doors. Oh...look over here. They are putting up a poster with all the coming attractions!
Hmm...Jeff Daniels would be fun to see here...and I always enjoy...wait. Do you see what *I* see?
Is that Dennehy guy on this poster? Let's take a closer look...oh MY!
Darned vandals! Look what they did to this! I am shocked. Really I am.
I hope the Chicago PD is working on this case...truly I do. Really. I swear.
In fact, I think I will offer a reward...maybe that will help
apprehend this despicable perpetrator!
Oh, guess where I will be the first week of March?
Now, where did I put all the other Chicago photos...let's see...give me a minute....


Mary said...

Dear Sue,
I am sure Chicago PD has an ENTIRE UNIT working on it!

You have a wonderful holiday, sweetie!

bj said...

I hope your holiday is fabulous.
Stay safe and have fun...

Cherry's Jubilee said...

Wow.........what fun! I would be in shopping heaven. cherry

Rosemary said...

I hope they solve the case Susie!!
Have fun!!

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

Hi Sue!
I hope you are really going to be there to see Brian! Have a wonderful time in Chigaco....

Carolyn (sea mystery) said...

Did you leave a lip print for me too? I know ... he's yours ... but he's just so darned sweet!

That's the kind of vandalism I enjoy. :) xxoo

TattingChic said...

That "Suzy-Q" is quite the vandal. I hope they catch her soon...she must be stopped!!! LOL! What a cute post, thanks for the chuckle.

salmagundi said...

Thanks for bringing back fun memories of riding the "L" as a teenager while visiting Chicago many years ago. I remember seeing Nat King Cole at the "Chez Paree" and Bing Crosby at the Chicago Theatre. Have a great Labor Day weekend. Sally

Pat said...

Looks like fun! I can't wait to see Chicago someday!

wendster said...


You are so dang funny Susie Q.

Did you notice that I blogged about your wonderful gift when I blogged about my birthday dinner? The chocolate was the best desert I could have had.



Loved the flags and the ribbon and the tea towel too! I just love Washington DC. So nice to have a bit of it in my house.

Gretchen said...

This looks like a ton of fun, Sue! Such cool pics and just a neat experience.

Thanks for sharing it with us.


Pamela said...

Susie Q was here. You nut!! ha ha.

Melissa said...

Shocking - simply shocking!

I can't imagine who would do such a thing.

Good thing you weren't involved!