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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Hey Dudes! It's Partay Time!

Hey dudes! It's me again, your pal Kipper. I am like so sorry to be late with this but my Mom has been babysitting this baby (D'oh, right dudes?) all week and even tho' he is like a way cool little dude for a baby, he is still gettin' waaay too much attention 'round here. So even tho' Ritter's Nite was like 4 days ago, Mom is just now gettin' 'round to helping me send this. That is like SO wrong dudes. But here we go.... First off. My cat sissy Lucy was really mad that she could not go dudes. She was actin' like a big baby and all. She even got into this baby thing that the little baby dude brought. Look at her! What a goofcat. I laughed till I stopped. This is Dr. Michelle and she is like a totally awesome vet dudes. She is so nice and pretty and smart and I really like her and she likes me, the Kipper. Here is a picture of her telling my old man that I am like the cutest and coolest dog in the world and if she wasn't human and all, she would like so marry me. Okay, so she was probably just telling dad that I needed my ears cleaned out or somethin' but a little dude can dream right?
This is Maxine and Stella. I think you have seen Stella before but not Maxine. They are really nice and all and sorta pretty too but I can't see them because I have stars in my eyes for Dr. Michelle. Another great girl and all, this is Maggie May. Mom says she was named for a Rod Stewart song but I have no idea who Rod Stewart is except he must be old. I heard my Mom say she first saw him in concert (Whatever a concert is dudes) in 1973. 1973?? That is like 100 years ago dudes!
That guy must be like waaaay old. Like my Mom. This is Daisy (I like KNOW dudes! The place was full of gorgeous ladies!) She and I interfaced and discussed the political scene and chilled while the old folks ate their ice cream. (I really have no idea what a political scene is dudes but I was trying to impress Dr. Michelle and I heard that a guy is supposed to discuss stuff like that) The cute dude on the left is like me, Kipper and the cool guy on the right is my buddy Sam. Sam always reminds me that he is like a cattle dog but I never see him with any cows. What's up with that dudes? He says he is from Australia and chases cows or something like that. Yeah, yeah. I have never seen him chase anything except a fly but he was like totally good at it!
Greta and Darcy are sissies and really pretty too. I like SO know dudes! I mean, the place was crawlin' with ladies! I think the word got out that Kipper always does the Ritter's scene. I wonder if Dr. Michelle saw them smooching me? She might get jealous and all...right dudes? Hey Mr. Biggsly! My pal Biggsly here is a riot! He is always makin' me laugh and telling great jokes! Like this one... Biggs says, Knock Knock. Who's there, I say dudes. Radio. Radio who, I say. Radio not, here I come to get some ice cream! Ha ha! Isn't that a laugh riot dudes? The guy should like have a TV show or somethin'. This is my buddy Danny. Danny (No dudes, not my brother Danny, even tho' he is like one of my bestest buds.) is a Schipperke.
They are like fearless and willful and independent and smart. Danny told me so. I told him that like a few vets think I have Schipperke blood in me. I must be 'cause I am like so fearless and willful and independent and smart too. (I was sayin' that really loud so Dr. Michelle could hear me! Do you think she will be impressed dudes?) This is Charlie. Charlie is a girl and Mom said she was named after a perfume. Not that I like perfume cause it makes me sneeze but Mom wears it anyhoo but this is about Charlie not me so...huh? Oh, and I think that Charlie perfume came out 200 years ago 'cause Mom knows about it. Anyway, Charlie is SOOOO pretty and I like her cause she smells nice without perfume! And guess what? She is Mr. Biggsly's sissy! How cool is that?
This is Storm. Storm is a collie but he hadda get all like shaved (like me dudes) 'cause it got hot and all. I do not think Storm liked it dudes because he said no one seemed to know he was a collie. I told him that if no one knew he was a collie, he would not hafta hear any of those Timmy is in the well, Lassie jokes and he was like Cool! and I was like Dude! and he was like Dude!
Hiya Poppet! I am always jokin' with Poppet that she could fit in my pocket! Get it? Poppet in my Pocket! 'Course I do not have any pockets so whatever. She is cute and tiny and loves a good cuppa ice cream. It is almost bigger than she is!
Ah, pretty Sammie. I think you have met Sammie before too. She is SO pretty and Mom says she is so soft. She is some sort of Chinese dog and I told her that my sissy was from China too.
She liked that.
This is Carmel. It was Carmel's first time at the Ritter Rodeo. Carmel is only like 5 months old but she was really cool already. I told her she would love the ice cream and she like so did dudes!
See ya next month Carmel!
This is my main man Seamus. Seamus is a regular at Ritter's and I think I have like introduced you to him before. He is an Irish Wolfhound. He is like HUGE dudes! But he is really gentle and a nice dude. My parents always make over him and embarrass me. My Dad works at the same place his dad does so they always talk while Seamus and I talk. We talked about life and all and I think that Dr. Michelle heard me and was like totally impressed. Seamus is a rescue just like me. We are both like totally lucky. In fact dudes, MOST of the dogs I am showing you today are like rescues! Totally! That is SO cool!
This is sweet girl is like the little sissy of my bud Seamus. She is also an Irish Wolfhound and really huge and all. But she is like so gentle and sweet and friendly. I like her a lot and she likes me too. We shared a little ice cream. Really dudes! She shared hers with me! See? She is totally nice!
This is Seamus and Mave and their brother Bailey. Bailey is cool too. He is not an Irish Wolfhound but you can probably tell that right dudes? When I see this picture I think, "The dog family that eats Ritter's Ice cream at Ritter's Dog Nite Together, Stays Together!" I think that Ritter's should like so use that for their slogan don't you? They might pay me $1,000,000,000,000,000,000 dollars or somethin' and I could buy Dr. Michelle some cookies and a flower. I hear that guys should do that.
*sigh* This is Dr. Michelle again. Isn't she like so great? My Mom and dad think so too.
Here she is with Mikey and Mary. I would like be so jealous of Mikey but I think he is like her Goddogson and all. So I guess I should not be jealous right dudes?
Go on. Really dudes. Go ON! Say, "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" You so know you want to right?
This is Angel and she was one too. Only like 3 months old and really shy and tiny and sweet. My parents and sissy were makin' fools of themselves over her but that is okay. She had a little ice cream and said it was way good. I think she will be a Ritter's dog for sure!
I am not sure what kind of dog Stevie here is but wow. Did he ever make a total PIG outta himself!! I mean, really dudes! He ate and ate and ate! It was like totally awesome!
This is me with my sissy and the old man. I was like waaay tired from all the eatin' and talkin' politics and interfacin'. So, I climbed up on the bench with 'em and went to sleep. I was like dreamin' about Dr. Michelle and the next Ritter's Dog Nite in September! I will SO be there dudes! My Mom heard this guy say this the other day and she really liked it. I am not sure why dudes. But here it is anyhoo. "I love dogs. They live in the moment and don't care about anything except affection and food. They're loyal and happy. Humans are just too darn complicated."
I DO know one thing tho'. Humans ARE waaaay too complicated. But I like 'em anyway. So, to you all, my human dude like pals, I send smooches. Till next time dudes, I am so outta here!


Carolyn said...

You go Kip! You always do the best posts about Doggie Night! I can't believe summer is almost over and we haven't made it to one yet!

-Jennifer said...

Kipper must think you're ancient Sue!

Rebecca Ramsey said...

Kipper, you sure are a cutie! I had a great time meeting all your buddies and girlfriends!
Give yourself and your mama a hug for me!

William Wallace, head of the clan at Bobbi"s house said...

Dr. Michele is So Yours, dude! I can't believe that you got her and all we got was a man vet...and no Ritters around here, either! You are so lucky, Dude! Keep those pictures coming, man, I showed them to all the other kids while mother was reading your post...we're gonna try and look at them again after she goes to work, this whole computer thing can't be that hard! Your friend, William Wallace, Head Dane.

Sheila said...

Ritter's Ice cream night is always one of my favorite posts! Kipper, you're one in a million! Love you lots!

Lydia said...

You have such a cute blog!
I love all the photos of these adorable dogs.
Your kitty sissy, looks exactly like a litty kitty I had named "Kitty" when I was a teenager.
Have a great day!

Carolyn (Sea Mystery) said...

Kipper, you so totally rock dude! I love reading about your ice cream days at Ritter's and enjoy all the pics you share of your friends. Peace out dude! xxoo

Tammy said...

What a great dog party, Kipper! My Lab, Mandy pounced in while I was looking at the pictures- I think she was totally impressed!

Big dogs, Little Dogs, black dogs, white dogs...a big dog party! I quote a favorite book Go Dog Go, which you would totally love, Kipper! Have your mom read it to you sometime! :D

Tell your mom thanks for the sweet comment on my post, too!


Virginia said...

I love to read your Blog, is always very entertainig. The pictures are adorable. Many Blessings, Virginia

Gretchen said...

Duuude. i think, other than you, Kipper, Seamus and Mave are my fave mugs of the lot. Looks like one sweet time. ;)

Anonymous said...

Always love to hear from Kipper! He is so up on the local dog scene!

Wag more, Bark less!

Laurie S.

blanche said...

I LOVE KIPPER! I must admit that this blog is one of my more unique addictions. I have 2 beagles (Ula, Buster), and 1 german shepard (Gonzo). I so wish we had a Ritter's here. I think my doggies would totally enjoy something like that. They love to hear all the latest on Kipper and see all the pics of the dogs. I myself enjoy reading all the other blog post myself. Gonzo says he understands the crush on your vet. sshhh. He's got a crush on his too! You didn't hear that from me though.

Alice said...

Dr. Michelle is really pretty and cool and all, Kip, but you're a guy who likes playing the field. Please don't break Dr. M's heart, dude.

The Quintessential Magpie (Sheila) said...

LOVE the pictures of all the pets! That Kipper is a dog after my own heart, and Mr. Biggley (is that his name?) is so cute I want to steal him. Thank you for taking us on the tour of animals! Made my night!


Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

I love this post!!!!!!!!!! Kip, you have an awesome family!!!


Screaming Meme said...

I love dogs more than people...:)