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Friday, August 29, 2008

Fun Foto Friday

Stop Laughing Mommy! The Olympic Gymnasts Made It All Look So Easy!
Now, How Do I Get Outta This....A Little Help Please!


Pat said... cute! Cats have awya to look relaxed no matter what position they are in!

Have a happy Lobor Day weekend!

Hugs, Pat

Carolyn said...

I am having a Giveaway Contest.

Stop by my Blog for details!


Jeanie said...

The Marmelade Gypsy and I cannot resist an orange and white kitty -- especially one that looks so very much like our dear boy who left us three years ago. I love this photo. Simply love it.

Anonymous said...

OMG such beauty. I need to get out of this state someday! God I wanna travel.

wendster said...

... a little help please?

Just have this little cramp in my side.

If you could just un-do me ... that would be great.

tales from an O.C. cottage said...

Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! This is too funny!

M ^..^

Pamela said...

I'm jealous of the cat.
I'm sleep challenged.

Lallee said...

He and my Winston look like they could be from the same litter. What an adorable photo. Give him a hug for me.

preppy little dress said...

too cute, all curled up in a ball!