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Saturday, February 26, 2011

I. M. A. Not. E. Dog.

My Mom is makin' me writ I. M. A. Not. E. Dog 50 times so my paws R sore. I think they changed mi name to. It used to be jus Winston but I think it is now No. Not. E Winston! An why? Jus' 'cause I ate a whole choclite cake an I had to be watched and they had to call the docter. I did not eat it all. I evin saved sum 4 the cats.
O, then I chewed up mi bed. That is not mi falt to. It was lumpi so I was trin' to make it NOT lumpi. Is that MI falt? *sniff*

O, an thin I chewed my Daddi's slippr. Agin, NOT MI FALT! He leavd it wher I culd find it!
Por mi.

I ask u, is this the face of a Not. E. Dog?

Ssh. Here coms mi mean ol Mom. I hav 2 go bac to writin'.

No. Not. E. Winston formly nown as jus Winston


salmagundi said...

Craving chocolate, uh? At least that is a 'good' naughty thing! Tell your Mom to hang in there. Sally

Connie said...

I am SOOOOOOO happy to be hearing from your pets again, sweetpea!!! I truly do miss th' Kip.

Jo said...

Izzy says she feels your pain ...her Mom had a hissy over an antique cabinet legs when she was just squaring it up

Lynilu said...

Ohhhh, dear. Sue, do you remember the problems I had with Sammy? Lawdy mercy, I lost over a dozen pairs of shoes, a couple bras, and a list of "other stuff" that I can't even remember (and he's glad I don't remember!). He has finally stopped chewing up things! So .... there is hope for Winston, er, No. Not. E. Dog. Winston!

Life in the Big Grey Victorian On The Corner said...

How did he get to a cake? LOL

My Winston prefers paper products. They leave such a lovely mess in so many pieces. Sigh.

Kat aka Beachkat said...

If you run away from your mean ole Mom, run here. Miss Daisy would love to play.



Sheila said...

My grand dog Sylvia says he probably needed the chocolate cake to get the taste of the slipper out of his mouth.
Clever boy...

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

Reminds me of The Pioneer Woman's post about her dog (Charlie) going MIA for awhile.

Our pets sometimes have their own agenda, don't they? So glad he is fine.... chocolate is note not good for doggies.

Laurie said...

Oh, it is such a difficult adjustment to go from an older, calmer, well-trained family member like Kipper to a new-to-the-family-and-the-world puppy! Been there, done that, it is hard and might even seem hopeless at times, but hang in there! Firm and consistent and vigilant are 3 words to live by right now!

Laurie S.

Lallee said...

Aw Winston, don't despair. It takes time and diligence to train new owners. Hang in there.

Sue said...

It's that terrier blood!!! LOL Nothing a little training won't cure, though... Did he do it while he was left alone? Our Dickens chewed his way out of the kitchen one day while I was at work. The gate was up and he chewed the wall until the gate fell through! Came home and his face was all white. Thought he'd gotten into the flour somehow?! Then I saw the doorway. HE was the NOT E Dog! LOL
See ya Thursday morning. xo Sue

Meggie said...

Eating chocolate cake....what's so bad about that? I think all that stuff about chocolate being bad for dogs was made up by some people who wanted all the chocolate for themselves. Sounds like Winston is testing his limits. He will have you guys trained in no time. Hang in there!

Deanna said...

Oh Winston...what have you been doing with your spare time? As your friend I must tell you, chocolate is bad for sweet little puppies like yourself. That was really Not. E. of you but I know it's hard to resist chocolate!

Tell your mommy to come over to my blog and enter the Jelly Bean Count Contest. If your mommy wins, I'll send you a little treat! No chocolate but something good for sweeties like yourself!

Your friend,
Deanna :D

Terri Morse said...

Winston must have been talking to my Molly. In her first year, my sweet golden retriever ate a $300 parka, two TV remotes, countless socks and underwear, my Lands End briefcase, two sofas, the kitchen sponge, assorted twistie ties, plastic bags, paper towels and dryer sheets, $1.81 in spare change (found strewn about on the lawn when we moved), the kitchen woodwork, the kitchen wall, my mohair hat, and a twenty dollar bill. All of this culminated with the consumption of one of my son's sneakers, followed by a $2,500 emergency surgery to remove said sneaker from her stomach-the day after we gave the builder of our home all of our money. Her final act of destruction was to eat an eight inch wide hole in the dining room wall of our new home on the day we moved in. Fortunately, she calmed down after that. It's a good thing she's cute. She might not have lasted that first year :). Hang in there-this too shall pass. -Terri

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...


You are quite the cutie pie! Just BEEEEEEEEEE good for yer folks, eh?


and Doogs says arrroooossss!!