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Saturday, February 12, 2011

A Bedtime Story By Winston

 I am pretty smart. At least my new Mom and Dad say I am. I am learning new things each day.
They told me all about Kipper and how he liked to write on this blog. I don't know what a blog is.
It does rhyme with dog, which I am. But it is NOT a dog.
Can you eat it? Chew it? Does it scratch your ears? Rub your tummy? No? Sounds pretty boring to me.

My new Mommy says I can *press* myself on it but when I tried to do that it made noises that scared me! Ohhhh....EXpress. I don't know what that is but I can do it on this blog says Mom. She says I can tell a story or a joke.

 Hmm. Stories make me sleepy (My mom reads to me sometimes) so read this when you want to go to bed okay? I don't want you to fall asleep sitting up! You might fall over and hurt yourself!

I know only one story. It's about a little dog. He was born and then lost. Then he got adopted by some people who were not very nice to him. Then he was rescued by some people who WERE nice to him! They told him they would help find him a forever home. He did not know what forever was. But he waited. And he waited. He learned how to sit and lay down. He learned how to ask to go outside know.

Then one day some people came to see him. Then they left. The dog was sad because he liked the people and he thought they liked him. He kissed them a lot to show he liked them.
He hoped very hard they would come back. He hoped and hoped and hoped. And guess what? They did! They took him to their house and told the little dog he was now home. Forever. The little dog had never known forever so he is waiting to see what it is...till then the people are very nice to him. He has a soft bed to sleep in at night and a safe and comfy crate to nap in when they are away. (BUt they are never away TOO long) He has toys and bones. He gets treats, all he wants!

The people take him for walks, especially the new daddy. The little dog REALLY  likes the new daddy.
He gets to cuddle on the sofa while the people watch movies. He gets to lay on the new mommy's feet while she is on the computer. (She told him he is better than slippers for keeping her toes warm!)

The little dog has two cats to play with even when they sometimes don't WANT to play. He likes them anyway. He has a new Grandma and an uncle and a cousin and they like him too. He has a sissy and a brother who are nice to him. They tell him he is a "good boy" which is true. He IS! He has new friends and neighbors who are his friends and a park to play in and chase birds in. He LIKES to chase birds.

He is learning how much fun it is to ride in the car. His new people tell him he will get to go get something called ice cream next week. He hopes it's good!

He is warm when it is cold outside. He feels warm on his outside but also on his inside. He is happy and safe. He is loved. He thinks that is what forever must mean.

The End

(Ssshhh. Don't tell anyone but *I* am the little dog and this story is all about me!)


Lynilu said...

Ah, Winston, that little dog is very lucky! Aren't YOU? Joey & Jazi & Maxey & Sammy & Lola all know about how hard it is to wait for your forever home and how great it is when you find it! They also send their love and say they are really, really happy for you! And I'm happy for your forever family, 'cause I know how happy it make humans to find their forever dog(s), too. :)

Debby said...

Such a sweet story. We rescued our doggie just a year ago. It was an incredible story about how we found him. I don't know what we would do without him now.

Sue@CountryPleasures said...


salmagundi said...

So glad you are all enjoying your time together and are happy. Just wait, Winston, ice cream is worth waiting for. You have the nicest folks at your forever home!! Sally

Jo said...

What a sweetie.....

Stacey said...

Adorable! I'm so glad Winston has a new home and you have a new puppy to love.

~Sheila~ said...

What a lucky boy you are Winston, and you couldn't have adopted a lovelier family.
They will treasure you always.

Kat said...

Love YOUR story Winston. You're a very lucky dog to have the forever family you are blessed with.

Hugs from me and Miss Daisy too!

Terri said...

Winston, you lucky dog! I think your family is pretty lucky, too.

Deanna said...

I am sitting here with tears rolling down my cheeks....:D

Lucky, all of you to have each other and Winston, I'll bet when you get a little older, your mommy and daddy will take you to Ritter's for some 'scream...I just know it!

Deanna :D

My darling, email me at and I will email you my home address.

Life in the Big Grey Victorian On The Corner said...

My oldest son has a very reclusive cat. My Winston finally met her yesterday. It was a rather startling experience for him! LOL Oreo the cat does not care much for playful puppies!
Glad your Winston had a more agreeable experience with your kitties!

Lallee said...

Winston is so adorable. I'm so glad you have a new fur baby. May he live happily ever after (I know he will).

Brown English Muffin said...

This little Winston is surely starting to grow on me!!! LOL

PEA said...

Such a heartwarming story, Winston, and I just knew that the little doggy in the story had to be YOU:-) You have certainly found a loving home and I have no doubt that you give them just as much love in return. I can't wait to hear what you think about ice cream! hehe

Now pass me on to your mommy...

Happy Valentine's Day, dear Sue:-) Make sure you come over to pick up your Valentine!!

I'm finally taking the time to visit my dear blogging friends. I refuse to go on Facebook or do anything else until I'm all caught up! lol

Think of you so often...we need to exchange phone numbers, I'd so love to call you one day. xoxo

Meggie said...

Winston is one lucky doggie and you are all one happy family. Please keep us posted after he gets his first taste of ice cream.

dana said...

Winston, you shared the bestest and sweetest story ever. I think it is a wonderful autobiography.....and could easily be made into a best seller. Your story brought tears to my eyes, but they were not sad tears....they were tears of joy. You see, when a sweet and gentle and kind and smart fur baby finally finds his/her forever home I think another star gets hung in heaven.

I know your new family loves you with all of their hearts......and you make them very, very happy. In fact, as I type this to you my feet are kept very warm by my little adopted kitty, Twiggy. She found me one day about 2 1/2 years ago. She was just a kitten and she was lost. She hadn't eaten in many days. You could see her little bony body beneath her fur. Anyway.....she found me and I took her to our vets. He was so sad to see how very sick she was. First he scanned her for a micro chip....and didn't find one. Then he started to work his magic on her. She almost didn't make it, but after a few days she "turned the corner". She started eating and gaining weight...and then she started purring...a lot!!! She soon got used to our elder cat, Frankie and the antics of our grand dog. She became comfortable at our house......and grew to love us as much as we loved her. And as I said, she's on my feet right this minute!

So, Winston, I think I understand about how happy you are to have found your forever home. I'm so thrilled for you and your new parents.


Deb said...

So happy you found each other ~ lots of stories to tell Winston ...especially about sweet Kipper ♥ Love from Ernie.

Sue said... are a very lucky little dog...But have they told you yet about the ice cream place?....make sure they take you to the ice cream place...remember the name Ritter's....

Terri Morse said...

Welcome, Winston! Your story almost made me cry. I'm so happy you have a forever family now. They are very special people. Hugs, Terri

Kelly said...

Congratulations on your new addition. What a cute puppy!

Also, loved the Chinese New Year post. Your Gracie is lovely.

Pamela said...

I scream, "ICE CREAM!"
hee hee