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Friday, November 13, 2009

Happy Weekend End Everyone...Oh Yeah, And...

...get your flu shots! Protect yourself from this evil, maniacal force that is the flu.....bwhabwhahaha. Scared ya didn't I?
Okay, yes. I HAD a regular flu shot but that didn't protect me from what they *say* was a lovely strand of H1N1. And Grace had BOTH shots. But the flu caught her before the shots took hold sooooo...oh what fun she and I have had playing "Pass The Bug". We laugh and laugh and then we cough and cough and wheeze and wheeze. Oh my. But we are quickly becoming human beings again. Or at least, SHE is. It has never fully been determined WHAT I am. Ahem.

Thank you for your sweet emails and comments. It is always nice to know that a friend cares! And I love ya'll back. *smile*

Thank you also to my husband who actually gets online every now and then and posts for me! Not that *I* consider him the "lucky" one as he is ME who is blessed. He has been so good and caring and even Dan and Grace have been fussing over me. Or were they just fussing? No...they were actually being sweet. Grace would make Chicken and Stars soup (Don't ask. It just tastes good to me when nothing else does!) and bring it to me when I didn't think I could eat a thing this week. Dan went out to get me drinks and even fluffed a pillow or two. Thanks guys...*smile*

I was dragging due to this asthma phooey while in the Windy City but still loved seeing our friends Jim and Meredith, Sheila, Tony, Tony Jr. and Lisa, Kate and Ginny and Amy and Jolee. Chicago is ALWAYS wonderful and never more so than on a sweet, warm and sunny Fall weekend.
I have some pictures of the kids to share and will as soon as I can. So much to catch up on! As I just wrote my friend Sue, I MAY catch up by next May. IF I am lucky!

But we HAVE begun our Christmas shopping (Shopping online and thanks to my sweet husband who slogged through the crowds on Veteran's Day to get Dan and Grace their *Big* gifts!) and planning Thanksgiving dinner. Wow is this month speeding past! Weren't there just trick or treaters at our front door? Whew.

Thank you for your prayers for my sister in law. Her surgery went well and she is without pain in her back for the first time in weeks. She has a bit of recovery to do but things are looking up! I have been able to help with Brady this week so my brother didn't have miss more work than he needed to. But Boo has been good and loves to play Wii with his cousins so they keep him well entertained!

I hope all is well for each one of you. This glorious season is just flying by so I do hope you have had the chance to get out and really enjoy all it's beauty. Life is so short and filled with so, so much joy. I hope you are able to reach out and grab a lot of it for yourself! You are SO worth it!

Love to you all!

Love and Hugs,
Susie Q


Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Lavender Hill Studio said...

Glad to hear you and Grace are feeling better! There is something special about Campbells Chicken soup when you are sick isnt there?

Rosemary said...

Hi Susie,
Hope you girls are feeling better.
You have a great weekend,

Brenda Eason said...

Glad you are feeling a little better. That is the only thing about being sick is getting online shopping done. I know when I was in bed QVC was my favorite show =)
You stay safe and be good and don't do to much.
Hugs..not to close now=)

Chari said...

Hi Susie...

Ohhh...I'm so glad to see you being able to post again, my friend! I certainly have been praying for you and your family! That was so sweet of your honey to get on and leave us a note that you were ill...I started praying immediately for you!!!

I have lots of problems with asthma, etc. and have tried to be soooo careful not to get that nasty H1N1 virus...I'm afraid of what it would do to me! My step-son has just recovered from really is nasty stuff! Well Darlin'...continue to get that much needed rest and feel better!!!

So good to hear from you today, my friend!

Warmest wishes,
Chari @Happy To Design

salmagundi said...

You sound like your old self! Glad to hear you are on the road to recovery - Grace, too. You said Dan ran out to get you drinks. I hope you aren't bad like me and have to have a diet Coke from Sonic. I'm horrible - it has to be from Sonic in a foam cup with what we call "Barbie Doll Ice". Only Sonic is right for me. Now you know my worst habit. Take care and enjoy your weekend. Sally

Janet said...

Glad you are doing better. I am going to NYC to see The Rockettes on Sunday with my son's girlfriend. I will be on the lookout for Mr. Dennehy.

Love ya'

Blondie's Journal said...

I didn't know you and Grace were ill but I am happy to hear you are getting better. I did get a flu shot but it hasn't helped MY asthma either. Cough, cough. My husband has the stomach flu and I am praying that doesn't go around the house. Yuk! And you are lucky to have your sweet family to fuss over you. That is the best medicine.

I am glad you liked Chicago. We ARE having gorgeous weather. A little gray today but still sweater weather. Can't wait to see your fun pictures!!

Have you been to my blog for my giveaway?? Hurry! ;-)


Kathleen Grace said...

Whats this? I miss a couple posts and come back to hear you and your sweet daughter have been suffering with the flu!? I am so sorry to hear it, though I am glad you are both on the mend! I'll say a prayer that your recovery is speedy:>) I'm so jealous that you have some of your shopping done!

Sue said...

Hey favorite lady...I didn't know you were still nice to have the hsuband filling in for you and that the kids are taking good care of you....Get better real soon....How is your sister in law? What surgery did she have on her back....did she have a bad disc? Sue.

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

so sorry you and Grace met the evil N1H1 and so glad you are on the mend. Now are you going to tell us what the "big" presents were? :)

SmilingSally said...

That flu is a real mess to endure. My friend's grown son had the H1N1, and even with a doctor's intervention, took 3 weeks to recover! It's bad stuff.

I've had the "regular" shot, but can't get the swine flue (H1N1) shot. (sigh)

I'm glad your sister is recovering from her back surgery.

Lallee said...

That's just no fair to be good girls and get your shots and then still get the flu! Let's ask Congress to pass a law making this impossible. I hope all of you continue to mend well.

Brenda @Cozy Little House said...

I'm so sorry you've been sick! I regret to say I haven't gone out and gotten my flu shot yet! That soup is just what my oldest daughter use to ask for.

Pamela said...

I've had my regular flu shot, but am not in the priority group for the HonOne.

I guess we take our chances. I think all my grands have had it -- I almost think the HonOne shot is too little too late.

Get Well!!!

Meggie said...

Glad to hear that you and Grace are feeling a bit better. I, too, can't believe it's almost Thanksgiving. Where had the time gone?

Deb said...

Hi Susie
Hope everyone is feeling better at your home!

Sandi McBride said...

Hope you are all better now Susie...keep a few cans of chicken and stars on hand now...what is it about that soup? It was always our favorite too...glad to hear her surgery went without a hitch and she's on the road to recovery...and that Grace is better...just make sure that the fellas don't come down with it, cause there will be no living with them!

FHL said...

Oh my goodness Sue! I am so thankful that you and Grace are both on the mend!

Sending a hug!

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

I'm glad to see you are back on the mend... Y'all take care!