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Monday, November 02, 2009

Wow...What A Life!

A wonderful, wonderful  life as Jimmy Stewart, as George Bailey, would surely agree. *smile*
 But a life that doesn't always allow me time to post here as I would like. Yes, I know I am so behind in writing and visting. I feel just awful about not getting around to see you all I as love to do but I am sure you understand why. Life just gets busy doesn't it?
I have been neglectful in posting my birthday fun, save for my perfect British Tea afternoon with Mom and 2 of my dearest friends in the world, P and M. Oh it was a sweet 2 weeks of birthday fun...I would still like to post some of it this week but wow. Things would really get out of hand then huh? *laugh* For a quick re-cap...
 I spent an evening with Bill, my brother Jim and some wonderful friends listening to my favorite local band, The Stumps. They even sang Happy Birthday for me as we munched on cupcakes from my beautiful friend J! The lovely B. gave me a bouquet of the prettiest flowers and well, that evening was a sweet, rocking good time! The next day we had a little family celebration at Mom's with lasagna and all the fixings, complete with a yummy german chocolate cake for dessert! The next night, Mom, Bill, Dan, Grace and her BFF K. joined me at one of my favorite restaurants for dinner.
The next afternoon found me with my buddies T. and C. at a great local restaurant. T. even brought a delicious cake for us! Then, tonight, we met more dear friends, T.C. and family, for Mongolian BBQ...a scrumptious way to end my October birthday extravaganza! I need to post pictures of the surprises for sure, but some very precious and special friends sent me wonderful cards and gifts (The most beautiful tea cup and yummy cookies ever! Thank you dear Sue A.!) and flowers too. The most beautiful peach roses in an Autumn inspired arrangement from sweet Sheila O. And yes, I KNOW I am blessed beyond measure. I never take it for granted. Never. I just hope that each of my friends and family members know how much I love them.
You already know I have been ill with respiratory problems and that has kept me from being here as often as I like. I needed to make sure I was recovering as quickly as possible since I am Grace's class homeroom mom. I had a big Halloween party to arrange and present! Thankfully I felt great that day and we all had fun!
They are a super group of kids and were quick to say thank you and offer a hug. Sure made my day!

Then came Halloween! I wanted to share a couple is Grace and her BFF dressed as London and Maddie from the Disney Channel show, "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody". If you have ever seen the show you will know how great they really look!! They even had the voices and characterizations down pat!

Here are the girls with my nephew Brady, the Boo Man! He was a brave fire fighter, just like his late Grandpa Frank! My dad was surely looking down from Heaven and smiling a proud smile!

And then came our last football game of the season. Our squad had been undefeated this year in regular play. We went into the tournament and won the first game handedly.

Here are the football squad's Team Moms with a banner the team presented the girls! They were asked to run through it as they took the field! The girls LOVED it!

But as hard as the girls cheered, and as hard as the team played, this game was not to be theirs.
Their first loss and now the tournament is over for us. It was a fun season and the kids all had a great time.
Gosh but it was busy as any of you who have been, or are, sports parents will attest! It will be be good to have a little more free time on weekends, still, we will miss seeing our squad at practices and games.

I know this was a whirlwind catch up post and I will try to do a better job as a blogger!
Tomorrow is Ritter's Dog Night and we have promised Kip we will go!
Thursday is Grace's class play and she is involved so I will try to report on that as well!
Then it is off to Chicago for the weekend! *sigh* I KNOW! I KNOW! But as crazy as it often gets, I would not trade it for the world. There were days in the past, while stationed far away from this area that holds my heart, that I was so, so lonely. I never take for granted that I am back where I belong, back with old friends and family that mean more to me than I can say. And I well remember how I felt, wanting to be a mom so badly and praying that we would know the joy of parenthood. At long last our Daniel came to us and we loved each moment raising him but I always knew our family was not complete. Grace came to us when we were almost 50 and, even with
two arthritic knees, fibro and asthma, this 53 year old mom never loses her joy at having this gift of raising another child. I am slower and more addle brained but delighted each day!

So please try to forgive me when I neglect to post and (even worse) fail to get around to visit all of you, or visit and not leave a comment. For that I am truly sorry...but I adore you all! How often I think about each of you...each one of you is so special.

Until next time, have a sweet week, happy November to you all  and remember to be kind to yourselves!

Love and Many Hugs,
Susie Q


Jim Rittenhouse said...

Enjoy Chicago - hope we have good weather for you and you feel better!

The Halloween pictures of Grace were really great - London Tipton was an interesting choice, and the cheerleader shots were great! *big grin*

Sue said...

What a fun and lovely heartfelt post, Sue! I'm glad that you had some enjoyable b'day celebrations and that you're feeling better now. Let's have a day out this week before you leave. I'm sure we can get into lots of trouble...

lots of hugs, Sue

Sandi McBride said...

I am often taken aback by how wonderful our lives are. It takes thinking about what you are thankful for that brings it all into focus. This is a lovely post...again, Happy Birthday!

Sugar Bear said...

No need to apologize! You still post WAY more than I have been since becoming a mommy.

salmagundi said...

Always remember that if you didn't have a life - you wouldn't have anything to post about. I always enjoy it when you do post, and I'm not the best at commenting around even though I enjoy lurking. Have a great week. Sally

Lynilu said...

You may feel as if you're behind, but you post more regularly than most of my blogger friends, and thank goodness for that! I enjoy every one you do, and this is no exception.


Brenda Eason said...

The kids look so cute and vibrant. I like the fun costumes also.
I know you hate to see that last game come,but will love the extra time. That is how we always felt.
See ya on FB

Barb said...

Love the post. It is hard to carve out time to blog but that is o.k. We do what we can.

The kids are precious. I'm glad you had a good bd celebration.

Have fun In Chicago and keep feeling better.


Sue said...

Geesh....I'm pooped just reading all that you do....It's terrific that you had such a fun birthday and I'm so happy that you liked the teacup....have a great time in Chicago and report back with pictures....Grace looks beautiful as usual....Hugs ......SUe.

Melanie said...

Sounds like you had a lovely birthday. The Halloween photos are so cute! Have a lovely week. ((Hugs))

Kat said...

Hi sweet friend! Life is gradually getting back to "normal" for me so I'm hoping to be able to visit everyone more often.

Loved this post!


Mockingbird Hill said...

Love ya, Susie... :)


Melissa said...

Yeah, I'd really be one to condemn someone for not blogging or visiting - NOT!

You're right - the girls look just like London and Maddie! Great costumes!

~Sheila~ said...

I'm amazed at all you manage to do ..never mind blogging!
The children look great in their Hallowe'en costumes!
Have a great time in the windy city.
big hugs

PEA said...

Yup, what is it with life and it taking over our time when we want to be blogging??? hehe Oh, dear Sue, no need to apologize, I'm just glad to see that you are enjoying every minute of being with your family and friends and just being a mom:-) You have such a busy schedule but oh what fun you're having with it...I always love reading what you've been up to, you have such a joy of life that I admire.

Loved seeing the pictures of the kids dressed up for Halloween! Also the ones of Grace cheerleading at the football game:-) Fun, fun, fun!!

Take care of YOU and know that I love ya:-) xoxo

Gretchen said...

Great pictures and catch up, Sue. You're living life and appreciating each moment. The blog will always be here. We're not going anywhere. Hugs.

Anonymous said...