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Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Catching Up!

Playing catch up is something I do too often I know!
 But real life just weeds right into 
my blogging time anymore! Of course I don't mind a bit! 
Life is busy these days but so sweet.
I am trying to run around blog world and see what each of you
 is up to...and, for now, here is just a taste of our May for you!
Photo intense! *laugh*

Our Grace was confirmed at church and she was so proud! Of course, 
WE were so proud of HER!

That's my Mother with us...

...and our wonderful minister, Wes Steele.

Grace's mentor and our dear neighbor and friend Michelle. 
Grace was SO blessed to have
Michelle act as her confirmation mentor! 
They had such fun together!

We shared a wonderful celebration lunch with friends and family
 at one of our favorite restaurants! Our little girl is surely growing up!
And gardening has begin in earnest here at Rabbit Run Cottage!

Our favorite place to visit in any season, for gardening 
accouterments, is Grandma's Gardens! Beautiful and healthy plants, 
fun accessories and a friendly staff!

These sweet rabbits were calling my name as I walked by!

Love the little garden dogs!

And kitties too!

Aren't these blue pots gorgeous?

Love the colors...

...and wouldn't this bench be the perfect finishing
 touch for my garden?

And then Summer arrived at Rabbit Run Cottage!

In all it's glory!


And there were wonderful times with my nephew Brady!

He so loves Grace and she him. We are so lucky that all of Grace's friends
are so good with him as well.

Uh huh. He loves his Gracie!

And the circus came to town! 
This clown *ahem* is none other than
my brother Jim!

Daddy! Did you see that? 

The Booman loved it all!


Another May tradition is the Mother's Day Tea at our church.
This year I was on the committee and we all enjoyed ourselves!

This is the table I created...

I love my Blue Willow!

And these are some of the other tables the ladies presented!

Grace modeled once again at the fashion show!

The kid is a natural!

Her proud Daddy also served and helped prepare the delicious lunch!

Our Winston became a bubble raider! Yes, the dog learned to 
chase bubbles! And for a guy with short legs, look at that air hang time!
Michael Jordan had nothing on our Winnie!

What would we do without him!

Baseball season is upon us! Grace won free tickets
for having straight As! We got extra tickets for the family
so my Mom was able to make her first trek into Great American Ball Park!
She was no stranger to the past Cincinnati stadiums but has been unable to 
visit the newest one. Until now that is!

Here she is with Grace and Jim...we had wonderful seats!

Grace was so proud to have been able to do this
for all of us!

It was such a beautiful evening...

And my Mom was able to see her baseball hero, 
Joey Votto, play in person!

The Reds win!

This statue is at one of the entrances and is of MY baseball hero, 
one Johnny Bench!


Now the next photos were taken with my cell phone as
 my camera was being cleaned and 
tweaked! Yes, I did say tweak! *grin*

Bill celebrated his 56th birthday by taking the day off! 
We started at our favorite breakfast spot,
 The First Watch.

Took a wonderful drive here and there and ended 
up at Moore Dessert Please!
If you are a fan of TV's Cupcake Wars like we are, 
you may recognize this sweet young woman!

Brittany Moore was the runner up on a recent episode! Of course, 
we all thought she totally rocked it and should have won!
Her cupcakes are so delicious!

Yup. Bill snagged his goodies!

For dinner we headed to another favorite spot, Chappy's.

Daddy! Stop tickling!


Then, on Sunday that week, it was Mothers Day!
I was so spoiled by my kids and Bill...even my nephew and brother got in 
on that spoiling too!

Cards and gifts and phone calls and calls yes. 
Our dear son is now living in Michigan!
At the beginning of May our Daniel took a great job with IBM in Michigan.
He loves it and we are so happy for him. 
He calls often and although we miss him, we are so proud of him! 
He is being sent to NYC this month to work on a Tiffany's and Co. web
program. I can only hope there will be free samples!

After church and a lovely day outside we had dinner at 
Sweeney's, a local seafood place.

Okay, so I let Grace take one of me...*smile*

And just last week we celebrated our son's 30th birthday. He drove 
home to be with us and it was so good to have him here.
He had a family cook out for his birthday (his request) 
but the next day he treated us to
Mexican at one of his favorite places. We all know he hates his photo
 taken but every now and then he lets me do just that!

He is such a wonderful young man and we are so blessed by him.
Grace was over joyed to have him were the pets! 


Whew..I know, I know but I am not even boring you with all I COULD have! 

And aren't you glad about that!

Hoping your May was sweet and that June is already treating you well!

Our June calendar is filling outs with friends, birthday parties, 
graduation parties, weddings, out of town company and a few day trips.
Summer is here and wont it be a fine one!

Love to you all!

Susie Q

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Debby said...

I so enjoyed all your beautiful pictures. What a beautiful sweet family you have. You have been busy.
I sure hope we have another get together soon. My schedule is pretty clear right now.