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Saturday, June 16, 2012

How Did We Survive?

No cable television, no video games and no CD players. 
But we did have transistor radios and AM radio! 
 Medicine did not have child proof lids.
 There were no, or little used, seat belts in cars.
Parents smoked right in front of us...and 
even while *expecting* us! 
 Our sodas were loaded with sugar,
 we ate white bread slathered in real butter and drank
 full fat milk. We rode our bikes 
with no helmets...yet we survived. How did we do it? 
 We had fun. Uh huh. We did. 
And there was nothing unsafe about any of these toys right?
Here are some of the things that I enjoyed in the 1960s.
 Do any of them look familiar to you?

 Toys in those days didn’t come with warnings

 about small parts or sharp edges or  fumes.

Between toxic fumes,

 fire hazards,

the potential for losing a 

limb (or an eye) and even poisoning 
I am surprised we survived!

Who would have thought that just by

 the sheer fact that you

 are reading this you are

 (hopefully) a survivior... 

Okay, so a few kids impaled themselves 
with these things...
does that mean that none of us can play
 with them? Come on now...

Let's experiment with atomic energy 
and "blow things up real good"!

It came with three "very low-level"
 radioactive sources,

 four samples of Uranium-bearing ores,

 and an Electroscope 

to measure radioactivity. 

The neighbor kids must have been

 positively glowing with envy.

Nothing unsafe about a hot metal unit that 
could reach 3,000 degrees to heat up the Plasti-Goop
or the toxic fumes it produced. 
Imagine the hours of fun that 

could have been had if you 

had this toy and the atom Good Times.

Loved the sound they made...but never mind
cousin  Bobby's front teeth. 
Or that kid up the
street who has to wear
 the eye patch for a month...

Yeah...and you can always chew on the stuff too...

I am sure there was nothing dangerous about it!

We made our OWN zip lines back then...
ever try it from the house's roof top? 
My friend Andy did. I sure miss that boy.

Learning tool and gun all in one!

Flies a whole 4 feet or more! 
The better to put the eye out of the nasty kid 
up the block!

Just don't burn your retinas too...

Maybe not dangerous but wrong on so many levels...

Came with the coolest cutting tool... next door neighbor,
 3 Fingered Sally,
LOVED this toy!

And when we tired of these toys there were always

M-80s, BB Guns, Swiss Army Pocket Knives 

and Cherry Bombs to play with...

I mean, you HAD to have the Cherry Bombs 

and M-80s to blow up 

your GI Joe didn't you?

Uh was simpler back then. 
Cheaper too obviously!

Stay safe now...

Susie Q


Blondie's Journal said...

This gave me a good giggle. We did survive but I have to say I was the sort of mother who really banned a lot of toys from my own kids. EVERYTHING was dangerous! lol!


Donna@Conghaile Cottage said...

I often ask myself that very same questions!
MAYBE we had more common sense and less lawyers running after us to SUE!
We lived in a 3 family Victorian home growing up and My Dad would CRAWL up on the roof to move the antenna and I would stand on the porch to yell back and forth "TO GET IT PERFECT" for our 3 TV channels!WOW was it futuristic when we all got those automatic gadgets that MOVED the antenna for us! "I (((LOVED))) my transistor radio!!!
Thanks for the memories
Big Hugs,

Sandi McBride said...

Oh my...for a while I was 10 years old again...I loved that visit!! Thanks SuzieQ

Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Flea Market Makeovers said...

LOL! Yes, I played with some of those things, climbed trees to the top, walked 2 miles barefoot on a dirt road to the little Mom and Pop grocery store with my 25 cents to buy Orange Crush and candy necklaces...

Terri Morse said...

I remember super elastic bubble plastic! It's a wonder my sister and I aren't brain-damaged (or maybe we are, lol). I also remember making creepy crawlers! Thanks for starting my day with a smile.

Marie Antionette said...

Too funny Sue! My older cousin had the plastic bubble stuff and I was so jealous... She said I was too young to do that! Hah! Not so...

You had some really cool things to experiment with. I bet you had some fun didn't you?

Just wanted to stop by and let you know that I have shut down my blog for a bit due to some "attacks" on my site (not worth mentioning) but Marie @ Dolls by Marie Antionette has invited me to share her blog with her. She needs help writing posts due to some health issues and we're having alot of fun!! I'm using the "pen name" Edie on her blog.

Stop by when you have a chance!
Hugs, "Edie" (Sherry formerly of Edie Marie's Attic)