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Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Winston's Words Of Wisdom

Winston's Words of Wisdom: Chapter One

As you go through your busy day, be sure to stop and smell the roses...
...and the air, the trees, the bushes, the grass, dead bugs, hot dogs, trash cans, worms, old candy wrappers and all the other dog, well, um, the other doggie end parts...except most of YOU are not dogs and that might just look goofy so maybe you shouldn't do that...along the way.

Thank you!
This has been Winston's Words of Wisdom.

Me, Winston


Sheila said...

Haha! Penny and Pepper would certainly agree with Winston!

Lynilu said...

Winston, I'm so glad you sniffed your way into the Rabbit Run Cottage. I think you rescued Sue and her family! And we are all learning so much from you! Have a smelly, er, sniffy day!

Sherms said...

Lol! Thanks for the words of wisdome Winston! I shall be sure to skip that last part. I can never get over the way dogs will watch another dog pee on a tree, walk over to said tree, smell it and then pee over it. My husbands family have three dogs and they just take turns doing it!

I will however try to smell the roses! xx

Justabeachkat said...

Winston, you are one smart boy! Miss Daisy agrees.


Bonnie said...

Wonderful words of wisdom, Winston. I shall take them to heart. Well, except for the back side sniffing part.

Janet said...

Glad you are such a smart dog Winston. Sometimes that Sue is just so silly she needs a smart doggie to set her straight :)

Pam said...

Such great words of wisdome, Winston! He's such a cute dog.

Pamela said...

there were two puppies where I visited today and they smelled me up one side and down the other. Especially my little purse. They smelled it and I could see them salivating over it.