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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Tipp Of The Hat To Buckeye Bloggers

Yep...that's *Tipp* as in Tipp City, Ohio where a group of Buckeye Bloggers recently gathered! It was the first of these fun get togethers I had been able to attend and I had so much fun! Hopefully there will be many more such events in the future...

Tipp City is just a little North of Dayton and such a sweet town. Tipp City was established in 1840 along the Miami and Erie Canal. Tipp City was once a hub of shipping and trading activity on the canal. The city was founded as Tippecanoe City and was named after presidential candidate William Henry Harrison’s campaign nickname, Tippecanoe, which he received after leading his troops to defeat the Shawnee Indian leader Tecumseh at the Battle of Tippecanoe in 1811.

It's a lovely small town, rich in history and beautiful historic homes! There are lots of fun shops and several good places to pop in and grab something good to eat. All of us did both!

I have gotten to know Sue S. well over the last 2 years as we live close to one another. Thanks to Sue for planning such a pleasant day for all of us!

I was lucky enough to have met Jo not too long ago and what a joy to see her again!
It was the first time I met Pam, Debby and Pam but I surely hope it was not the last time! All 5 of these ladies are such fun to be with. Despite the heat and humidity we had a great time! If you have yet to meet these 5 ladies, do yourself a favor and pop over and introduce yourself!

So many window boxes and hanging flower baskets around town...

This sweet sculpture is in front of the library...

There was a Farmer's Market in progress when we arrived so we had to take a peek...

I loved these photographs...

This talented lady had such pretty goodies and isn't this fun? A Barn in a Bag!
Sugar cookies in the shape of the barn and all the baryard animals!

Our Sue with her sunflower purchase!

Pretty storefront windows...they must have used Sue's sunflower as inspiration!

...and this one with such a cute idea using coffee filters as decoration!
See the skirt on the dress? Yep, filters!

And filters here too!

Love the cow paintings!

This old hotel is not only beautiful but also houses a great store!

Wonderful staircase...

...and goodies aplenty.

Such a sweet little spot to rest on a hot day!

I love the name...

We found lots of wonderful things here...I think each one of us went home
with a treasure or two from this shop!

Sam & Ethel's looked interesting...I wonder just who Sam and Ethel are/were?
Love the old neon sign!

We waved good bye to Sam and Ethel (Whomever they may be!) and we all headed back down the
 street to eat at the Coldwater Cafe!

Such pretty decor...

Find anything that looks good?

I sure did!
I had one of the daily specials, a delicious spinach
and Parmesan quiche! So good...and we all know that a good
 blogger always takes a photo of their food! Right?

Talented Jo brought these for all of us! Isn't this just the sweetest gift?
And she made them using paint sample cards!
You will have to pay her a visit and see just how she does it! The tutorial is on her blog!

Isn't this wonderful? Pam K. brought each of us this sweet gift!
Her daughter makes these tiny precious is this! 
 Talent for the arts runs deep in Pam's family!
She attached each charm to an old playing card! Unique and fun!

I brought everyone a couple of bags of Buckeye Blast from
a local shop, "What's Poppin"?"
Yummy! I hope they all liked it!

This is Sue with our funny and very delightful server, Jules! We kept her hopping but I
think she liked us anyway!

I took 3 of these shots and didn't get Pam K's with her eyes open in one!
Bad photographer! Bad Susie Q! And she has such pretty eyes too!
Here are the lovely ladies with whom I spend a great afternoon!
Pam K, Debby, Pam ~Top Row
Jo and Sue S

After lunch we headed up the road just a wee bit to Troy,Ohio...another wonderful
small town filled with charm, great shops and delcious restaurants!
And such a pretty fountain in the town square...

Just a little info about the town square!

Wow! What a fun day I had! It may have been hot and humid but we still had one heckova day!
A tip of the hat to Tipp City! Thanks for making us all feel welcome!


Pamela said...

looks like a wonderful way to spend the day.

Bonnie said...

Looks like tons of fun. But I wouldn't expect anything less of you. What great little towns you have to visit and isn't it fun meeting blogging buddies???

Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Lavender Hill Studio said...

Wish I lived in Ohio, so I could have been part of this wonderful day!

Stacey said...

That looks like the perfect place to spend the day with the girls! How fun.

One of my students (who has the sweetest single mom) just moved back to that area. I'll have to point her to all of your blogs. :)

Terri said...

Sue, that is the most wonderful idea! I would love to do that here.

I am impressed that so many could come.

I am POSITIVE they loved the Buckeye popcorn. I know I would have!

Debby said...

Hi Sue. I love your pictures. I should have known when I saw you and Pam with those cameras around your necks that you were the photographers. I posted my one picture, but you are in it.
It was so much fun.......can't wait til we do it again.

Sherms said...

Wow! It looks like you had a great time. I love the pictures xx

Janet said...

That looks like so much fun. Both those towns have "Janet" written all over them. Maybe someday I will get to visit them...sigh....

Betty Jo said...

Oh My, what a fun day you had! I was just pouring over each photo. Would love to visit those places, and now feel like I have, almost. :)

Sue said...

You need to sing this to the tune of that wonderful Beach Boy song.... "And there'll be fun,fun,fun when the Buckeye Bloggers spend the day..." Glad you could make it, Susie Q! Everyone wants to do it again in the fall. Hope we'll have even more girls who can make the trip. xo Sue

Pam said...

Love all your photos. I missed the barn in a bag - cute idea. It was so nice to be able to get together with you. Wish I loved closer to that end of Ohio so we could get together on a regular basis. There's always fall though!