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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Prayers For My Kipper

                                                         Our Kip with Ritter's 'scream on his face

I believe that God loves dogs and cats and all the animals of the world. I believe that he sent Kip to me at a time when I needed him so much. He has been my little heartbeat, my buddy. He has so much spirit and spunk, just filled with, as we always say, joie de vivre. 

You can imagine our fear when we saw that he could not jump or get up well on Tuesday. We got him into our vet (and, thank God for dedicated and loving vets!) and she thought it was either a deep tissue pull or the quick onset of arthritis. We took him back to the vet clinic today and 2 of the vets concur that this is most probably what it is. They will do x rays after Christmas to allow the steroids a chance to work.
They did all manner of manipulations and tested this and that to rule out anything more severe. Once he gets up and moving he can walk and still likes to be out. But it is that sweet spark that is missing. He knows something is not right, that he feels badly and can't do what he usually does and it scares him.It is like we lost our boy even when he is next to us. I have spent most of the last few days crying and making myself ill from worry. I know that those who have never been close to a pet will think me a silly
but he is our baby and we all adore him. To see him like this is breaking my heart. The vet says to allow some time and pray and give him loving care. We are doing that...
but please, dear friends, could you also say a prayer for our boy? Tonight has been a long night as he has been quite ill from either the steroids or the glucosamine they began today. The por baby can;t get a break!

It was last year, at this time, he had emergency bladder surgery and wow. We were so scared but thanks to good vets and the prayers of dear people (like all of you!), he did well and thrived. I believe he can get beyond this too. He is 9 yes but is healthy in every other respect. A small dog, they have always felt he will live to see 15 and far beyond.
All I want is for him to be happy again. To see this sadness, this fear on his face is breaking my heart.

I hope you will all understand if I don't post for a little while. This holiday season was going to be different and sad due to a divorce in our family but having Kip ill as well is robbing me of my spark too. Hopefully both Kip and I will find our way back to our joie de vivre.

My love to you all.


Jo said...

My thoughts are with you..pls keep us posted on how your sweet baby is even if its just a short note....

Sandie's Patch said...

Hi Suzi Q,
So sorry to hear of Kips' problems, I will send healing and loveing vibes for him and pray in my own way that he does make it to 15 yrs at least!
I recently lost my little lad Bobby. I had only had him a little over two yrs but, I miss him so much.Then two months later almost to the day, Harry cat had to be put to sleep, (probably poisioning but I will never know for sure) and he was 'Best Mates' with Bobby.
With the arrival of snow here, I can't stop thinking of Harry as he loved to kick up the snow and 'burrow' into it. Still, they were good, happy times and I still have the 2 girls, Rosie and Katie kitties.
I feel for you in your sadness,so am sending warm sunshine to cheer you up.

Take care,

Sandie xx

Kat said...

Oh my sweet friend, I do understand! We love our Miss Daisy. She is our baby and I KNOW how we would feel. Kipper is the first name in my prayer journal this morning. I will keep him and YOU and Bill and Grace in my thoughts and prayers. Just snuggle up with Kip while you heals.

Our spark is dimmed too. I think it's because of our niece's death, but we're trying hard to get in the spirit.

Much love and big hugs,

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

Oh Susie, I know your pain, oh so well! Keeping you all close in prayer and hugs!

Connie said...

I am so sooooo very sorry to hear that about your precious little pup. sweetpea. Prayers will be said, but perhaps a trip for some ice cream will make him happy! I'm truly very sorry...

Lynilu said...

My heart aches for you and for Kipper. I understand the loss of joy, the fear. I'm keeping you .... all of you .... in my prayers. And sending hugs.

Sheila said...

Oh Sue, I know all too well the heartbreak of having a sick pet, and I will remember Kipper in my prayers.
Pets are our babies, members of our families as much as any human can be.
Give him a gentle hug from me, and tell him I'm pulling for him.

Pam said...

I am so sorry. I hope he get's to feeling more like himself in the next few days. I'm sure he knows something is not quite right and it has got to be confusing to him. I'll keep him in my thoughts.

Bonnie said...

Sending prayers for Kipper and the family as well. I know how your feel about your baby...I have 5 that I love as much as my own children. Keep us posted as you can....I'll keep checking FB for updates. Love you.

Barb said...

Hi Suzi,
I will be saying many prayers for Kipper. Our Tommy passed away on Nov.12th and it has been very difficult. Thanksgiving.... I was so thankful that Jeff was able to call as I had been crying.It helped. Tommy ruled our home and was so young- only 7.
Our house is very quiet. Yuck!

big hugs,