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Friday, October 16, 2009

Scaring Up A Little Fall...

Every day, during the week, I pick up my nephew at his school and drop him off at his sitters.
 I always enjoy spending this time with him and looking around at all the pretty spots dotted along our way...
Autumn here is especially pretty this year and our drive is such a treat!
On Tuesday, after dropping Boo off, I took a little time to enjoy some of my favorite area streets.
Every October the town of Oakwood sets up their Scarecrow Row. It is always fun to see what the creative local shopkeepers and residents come up with for us!

I LOVE the fork and pad of butter...and see the *slime* trail just behind the snail? What fun!

I thought this one was just the little *back flap*!

The scarecrow family does their shopping...

...and even the family scaredog tags along!

I always find a few ever so pretty porches all dressed in their Autumn finery!

And oh what beautiful trees can be found if you just take a look around!

The colors of Fall just make me feel about you?

It has been a busy week filled with fun..I will be sharing it with you in a day or two. Yesterday I spent the day with Sue S. from Sullivan and Murphy and Kari from Just Livin' Large who is visiting from Texas!
It was one heck of a sweet day! I LOVE these two ladies and am so blessed to know them.

Until and hugs to you all.

Susie Q


Lou Cinda said...

Oh my gosh!!! So cute!!! I love the scarecrow in her jammies with the baby too!! What a quaint town you live in! I wish we did that sort of thing here!!

Beautiful photographs!!

Have a great weekend!

Lou Cinda :)

salmagundi said...

What fun! And what a beautiful area. Enjoy your weekend - I'm looking forward to future posts from you. Take care, Sally

Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

I can't wait to hear about your get together Sue!!

I love the fallishness of your photos!

Happy Weekend!

Blondie's Journal said...

What a great area you live in for people to spend so much time and imagination creating these Halloween scenes. I just love them all!! No wonder you enjoy your drives so!! And the photos of the trees are stunning. Ours are just starting to turn~it's really late but it will probably happen overnight...

I can't wait to read your post about meeting your bloggy friends. What fun!! I am curious to know more about them!

Have a great weekend, Susie! :-)


Sara's Sweet Surprise said...

Hey Susie~ hands down my favorite...the Escargot!! Although I've never had the desire to partake of the slimmmmmy delicacy, it did make a great featured attraction.
How was this "Scare-Crow event created?
While strolling through your posts...I was finding a particular subject (crush) that kept popping up. The hysterical video of your Dennehy devotion had me in stitches!! I may never be able to watch him again without seeing you dancing and singing with him!!

Can't wait to see your venture out with the girls.

Sweet wishes,

Connie said...

Wellllll, I love the pink and red plaid scarecrow and the "straw dog", honey! Most darling halloween pix I've seen yet....

Janet said...

I am sad to report that our trees are dull this year. We went to Vermont to see some "flash" and they were dull too. We couldn't decide if they were past peak or not up to peak or just plain peak-ed. Hopefully next year will be brighter!

Glad you had fun with your bloggy tell all!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Hi Susie Q

What a bice traditoon the town of Oakwood has! My favorite was the baby scarcrow,,,so cute!

Your trees are so colorful you saw in blog post ours have not turned colors yet. Maybe one more week. It's cold tonight so that shoul do the trick!

The jib jab card in the post below gave me a good laugh!

Have a good weekend!

Hugs, Pat

Melissa said...

Anna Marie and I have thoroughly enjoyed looking at your scarecrow pictures on this chilly Saturday morning! Have a great weekend!

Sue said...

I think I'm gonna take a quick drive into Oakwood to see these cuties! Darling pics, Sue. It's sunny today so I'm off with my camera. Thanks for bringing my bread over.
big hugs, Sue

Kathleen Grace said...

How cute! Our little town does scarecrows in front of the businesses on mainstreet. It is always such fun to see what they come up with.

Brenda @Cozy Little House said...

That foliage is so gorgeous! Yeah, some people are so talented with their yard displays. Those should win some awards!

Terri and Bob said...

How fun to see your neighborhood!

Sue said...

What an adorable idea...never have seen a town that does scarcrows in mass....My attempt at fall decorating was halted today when I pick out a pumpkin out our local farm store then saw that it cost $10.00...I was not about to pay 10 bucks for a I thought I would just spray paint Boo orange until Halloween....Great to be back!!

Pamela said...

I don't think people around here decorate quite so extensively... nor does mother nature. We have some beautiful trees around town, but the native trees are mostly yellow.

PEA said...

Such delightful displays, every one of them! They all made me smile, especially the one in the jammies! hehe Takes lots of imagination to come up with all these wonderful displays. The Autumn colours are so gorgeous as well...ours are all finished now, most of the leaves are on the ground and the trees are pretty bare. xoxo