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Saturday, January 31, 2015

A Special Chinese Visitor

This month we hosted another Chinese middles school student!
Gao, or Rebecca as she liked to be called, (All the students
choose what they think of as American names to use)
fit right into our family.

She loved all of our pets and they loved her in return.

She and Grace loved to cook and "Rebecca"
enjoyed cooking us Chinese specialties.

We took her to eat at various restaurants, to see movies, to tour
various college campuses, to the Science Center in Columbus, 
to see the Air Force Museum, to play Laser Tag and to try ice skating 
at Dayton's Riverscape Park.

She and Grace hit it off almost immediately and
has such a wonderful time together.

We all got a bit teary eyed when it was time for her to leave but
we will hold our sweet memories tightly and always consider this
special young lady a part of our family!

Susie Q


Salmagundi said...

You are such a gracious host to these exchange students that I'm sure they will never forget their wonderful experience at your home. You can add 'great ambassador' to your list of talents. Sally

Terri Steffes said...

Cool! I know she loved it, because her smile kept getting bigger and bigger! Grace is learning so much from you, I see her becoming a mini Sue in her graciousness, kindness and manners.


Rue said...

You are such a sweet lady to welcome her! It looks like she had a great time :)

My goodness Grace is growing up! I almost didn't recognize her. She's beautiful, but then she always has been :)


Jeanie said...

This looks like such a wonderful experience. It reminds me of when we hosted a young man from Hiroshima who was about Greg's age when they were in high school. Everyone learns.

And your kitten is adorable!