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Friday, November 23, 2012

Dreams Of Sugarplums Dance In My Head...

Each year we attend The Sugarplum Parade of Trees.
It's is a fundraiser for Children's Hospital here in Dayton and oh what
beautiful decorations and ideas can be found!

There are things to buy and eat and you can bid on all the wreaths and trees!
The lucky winners get to take them home!

A tree full of bears! What could be cuter!

The Whoville Tree!

There were several trees dedicated to all things OSU Football!

My favorite tree was this one...Holiday Wanderlust!
I mean come on...traveling and photography all wrapped up
in one design? Loved it!

The Goodnight Moon Tree!

Another tree devoted to bears!

For the golfer...

...and the musician!

A little coffee...

A little wine...

A birdie here...

A Buckeye there!

Even doggies should have their own trees!

A Gardener's Tree...

...and a Nutcracker one too.

These little owls were precious!

We all loved Minnie's tree!

Bill took our nephew, the Booman, to see Santa!

And Grace got a sweet little penguin on her hand!

The Christmas season is officially upon us...
have lots of fun and enjoy each moment!

Susie Q


PEA said...

All of those trees are so gorgeous! We have a similar event around here called "Festival of Trees" where you can bid and win one of the trees/wreaths. Unfortunately it's not being held this year because the building they used to use has been sold so they're looking for another place.

That Santa looks like the real deal, doesn't he:-) Boo looks quite happy to see him and the picture where he's hugging him melted my heart!!

Such a darling little penguin Grace got painted on her hand:-)

I love this time of year and like you, plan on enjoying every minute of it!! Love you!! xoxoxo

Debby said...

Did you bring home one of those beautiful trees. Love the Minnie tree too.

Lynilu said...

Sheesh, now I don't wanna put up my homestyle tree! LOL! No, I have to, because my daughter and grands are coming for the holidays. Not sure where I will make room for it! Guess I'd better get crackin' on the plans!

Great pictures!