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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Scaring Up Some Halloween Fun

Each year I pay a visit to Scarecrow Row
in a community not too far from my house.
It is always so much fun to see what the
folks *scare* up!

I could use a few minions!

Will a young George Clooney be there?

Katy Perry: the "not so" scary version!

This display was our favorite this year!
Nothing beats Snoopy and the gang!

After running an marathon I think
most of us would have legs that
look like that!

This lady bears a striking resemblance 
to me!

After all that frightening fun I could use a 
spot of about you?

Happy Halloween to you and yours!

Susie Q

1 comment:

PEA said...

Oh my goodness, all of those displays are absolutely awesome! I would have loved to have seen all of them in person, what fun!! I wish they would do something like that over here, it's such a great idea. Is there any judging done? Thank you so much for sharing these pictures with us, love them!! xoxo