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Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Summer's Bounty

Is there anything better than the fresh vegetables and fruits of Summer?
No, unless it's visiting a local farm or farmer's market to
 buy those delicious

Not only do these taste so good but they are beautiful in
color and shape...

They say we enjoy food with our eyes as well as our
taste buds!

And when your produce looks this
pretty and fresh you know you will dine well!

We always enjoy visiting Treadway's
and bringing home many  fruits 
(and veggies too! *smile*) of their labor.
They are always friendly, helpful and the
produce is oh so good.

Last night we feasted on sweet corn, squash, tomatoes,
 cantaloupe and the juiciest blackberries.

No Queen or King could dine any finer!
Just one of the many joys this season brings!

Hoping you too are enjoying some of Summer's
delicious bounty!

Susie Q


Sandi McBride said...

I love the fresh veggies Mac brings in from the garden and since post surgery instructions allow me upright 2 hours a day, I've even cooked some...squash butterbeans and okra I'm playing blog catch up and what fun I've had doing it...
thanks for sharing the great photos

must love junk said...

My mouth is watering at those berries! I am a fellow Ohioan and your newest follower! I hope you visit me and if you enjoy my blog, follow me back :)