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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Olive: an urban dive

Housed in a historic 1938 Wympee's Hamburger shop, Olive: an urban dive
is amazing and well worth the stop! 
The Wympee diner opened in 1938 and became a
 part of the fabric of many Daytonians’ lives before it 
closed in October 2009. 
And now it lives again...fabulously!

Olive epitomizes the urban dive concept: It’s unassuming, laid back... 
and has an atmosphere that is genuinely unique in our city.
 Olive is the most sustainable restaurant in Dayton and
 goes to great lengths to reduce garbage, to compost 
what food doesn't make it to the table, and to remain energy-efficient. 
So, in other words, the thought that went into this place really 
can’t be overstated.

Two of my oldest and dearest friends and I 
have lunch each month to catch up and share a few laughs.
 This month we thoroughly enjoyed Olive!

How can you not love a restaurant whose motto is:
"Local over import, labor over convenience and 
service above all else...we chase chickens.
 When we say free range we mean it!"

Their menu consists of traditional and their own interpretations
 of Mediterranean cuisine including:
 Greek, Spanish, Italian, French, Moroccan and 
Turkish influences...but 
 there are burgers and regular American food as well
 with them sneaking in the healthy wherever they can! 

 All the ingredients are local, fresh, organic. 
Everything is made in their tiny kitchen 
and is recycled, composted and ecologically sound.
Even the flat ware...go ahead. Toss it into 
the compost!  They dare you!

So fresh...they don't have a can opener or a micro wave. Nope.

Olive is serving  the best grass-fed beef, sushi-grade tuna, 
outstanding risotto, and fresh, local vegetables.
The wait staff was friendly and knowledgeable, 
the proprietress warm and welcoming,
 the food was excellently prepared. 
What's not to like? Not a thing!

I had to try the Cream good! 
My friends each chose the fresh squeezed lemonade
and a "sunny little pot of tea" respectfully. Each raved about them.
I also hear their french press coffee is to die for...

They put a unique twist on standard items - 

I had the Tuscan Grilled Cheese on ciabatta bread 
with pancetta, pesto, balsamic marinated mozzarella and tomato. 
Amazing! Add a cup of spicy sweet potato soup and a salad of
 spinach & field greens in a fig balsamic dressing...oh my.

My friends chose the mayo-less chicken salad on locally baked 
croissants with Havarti cheese and tomato. 
They could not have been more pleased!

And did I mention the sweet potato fries with 
home made ailoi for dipping?

Olive has many delightful desserts but we each chose one
 of the Jeni's Ice Cream flavors
they carry. Olive is the only local place to feature Jeni's,
 a Columbus based company, and it is decadent and oh so good.

If find yourself in the Dayton area, run, as fast as you can, to Olive!
You will not be disappointed!
To learn more about Olive:

Susie Q

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Stacey said...

Good food in a fun atmosphere with great friends - what more could you want?