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Monday, August 01, 2011

More Summer Joys

What is more fun, on a hot Summer night, than swimming with the family?

My nephew Brady is a true water baby! He is totally at home in a pool.

And having his cousins Dan and Grace to share the fun is extra special!

The only thing better? Having such a glorious sunset surround us!

August is here! Wishing you a safe and joy filled month! Enjoy each moment!


Bonnie said...

Oh what fun! We don't have a pool but do go to the beach as often as we can with the kids and grands.

salmagundi said...

Hi Sue-- Your blue-light/sunset photos are beautiful. I'm just starting to experiment a little with photography - hope to improve. It's great that your nephew loves the water. I've always felt that swimming lessons were so important. Out of my two kids and two grandkids, I ended up with two water babies, one so-so, and Mike - he had lessons for 7 years and still never took to it! He didn't get that gene. Hope you are surviving the summer - Fall can't be too far off, can it????? Take care, Sally

Debby said...

Beautiful pictures and a handsome family. Hope your August is great.

PEA said...

Where did June and July go???? Goodness, hard to believe we're in August already! That's what summer is all about, swimming and having fun:-) I just love the look on your nephew's face, you can tell he is having an absolute ball. Both my boys love the water and are strong swimmers. I was raised spending summers at a camp my dad had built and where there was a beach so I knew how to swim before I could walk:-)

Think of you often, my friend!! xoxo

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Hi Susie, I miss you so just dropping by to say hello. When my grandchildren came bringing their Mom and Dad (my son)we sure made use of our pool. It was fun to have children squealing with delight. I would love to night swim but I am always afraid little creatures will be in there with me. LOL xoxo

Sherms said...

With this warm weather, a dip in the pool sounds heavenly. Looks like he was having fun! xx