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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

An Irish Giggle

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I needed a giggle today and nothing cheers me more than dancing with my favorite Irishman. I am not sure what's in Brian's tankards but MINE is filled with Root Beer!

Can you believe that St. Patrick's Day is tomorrow! Don't forget to be a wearin' a bit o' the green!


salmagundi said...

Funny stuff, Sue! Hope your St. Pat's Day is full of wonderful giggles. Ours was always fun when our son was little and we celebrated his birthday; but once he went away to college, he has celebrated all over the world on spring-break trips including the green river in Chicago, etc. Now, we're all getting old and I just send him his favorite cookies with green M&Ms in them. He and I are going on a European trip in May however. Hope everything is well with you. Sally

Kat aka Beachkat said...

Very cute! I don't drink beer, but your root beer sounds good to me.


Debby said...

Very cute. I am with you on the root beer. Happy St. Patrick's Day.