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Friday, September 03, 2010

St. Louis: Days 3 & 4 *Finally!*

I know. I KNOW! But not only did life get crazy but Blogger decided it did not like me. I tried everything to make up with it yet Blogger still refused to speak to me. Let's hope it is over it's little hissy snit. *smile*
Shall we continue?

On Day 3 we headed back to Lafayette Square to have lunch at The Lafayette Fire Company No. 1. Owned and operated by St.Louis fire fighters, it is such fun! The food is delicious as well. Grace decreed her club sandwich as "The very best EVER!"

As the daughter of a career fire fighter, this warm and friendly place just made me happy!
Aren't the lamps the perfect accessory? Made from old fire helmets!
Then it downtown and a visit to The Arch.
A bit cloudy but the visibility was still good...
The quintessential "Look Mom! I'm holdin' up The Arch" shot!
Up, up and away...

Grace loved being up in the clouds...
Mr Baseball, and a truly fine gentleman, Stan Musial's statue just outside the stadium.
That evening we headed to the beautiful and historic town of St. Charles.

Dinner at Lewis and Clark's...
And, as  reported 3 posts ago, we shared a wonderful evening with dear blog friends...
Pat and her handsome husband J...
...Terri and her good looking husband Bob.

All the girls: Terri, Grace, me and Pat! What a joy to finally meet them in person!
Back at our hotel, we sat on the sports deck and watched the end of the game...

A sell out crowd!

The next morning found us back in the Central West End. It was always a
 favorite haunt for us while living in the area.
Brunch at Crepes Etc. was quite the treat!

Just next door is Bissinger's Chocolate Bar. Oh. The smells. The tastes. Heavenly!
Around the corner is The Cupcakery!
Such a cute place! I had two good looking, friendly young men to wait on me!
How can I possibly choose?
Uh huh. Chocolate. Perfection.
That afternoon we visited the Butterfly House on Pat's recommendation. It was such fun!

It is a pleasure to be inside with these beautiful creatures! They are everywhere and float across your cheek, land on your head, your shoulders and just seem to have fun playing with their guests!

I caught Grace with one on her finger. It just flew down and landed there...she was mesmerized!
Our afternoon could not be complete without a stop at the St. Louis landmark,
Ted Drewe's Frozen Custard. If you are in the area, you MUST stop by! Yummy!
It is always busy!

That evening we attended the retirement party for our friend Dave. I posted about
his ceremony 2 posts of the finest men we have ever known, Bill's former boss and a dear friend.
Bill & Dave...
We were so blessed to have known so many wonderful people while being stationed
at Scott AFB. Bill worked with some of the best people in the world.
Grace with Dave's wife Cheryl...she is beautiful and so special.

That night we headed home, got in about 2am, tired but having had such a good time and made lots of sweet memories. Being with good friends is always special.
We all love the St. Louis area. If you have never been, do plan a trip soon! It is one super city!

Whew! Again I apologize for taking so long to finish posting about our getaway.
I have lots more to share with you...Bill and I just celebrated our 32nd anniversary with Garrison Keillor and the Prairie Home Companion gang, Grace's  cheerleading season has begun, middle school started for Grace, college classes for Daniel began and even Bill who is working on his 3rd Master's Degree.

And last week I was able to visit with 2 dear blog friends, Kari and Joan! More on this in a day or two! I promise!

Wishing you all a sweet Labor Day weekend. Do something that makes your heart sing and your pretty face smile.
Love to you all.


Blondie's Journal said...

I really enjoyed reading about your trip. I will have to remember all the restaurants, they all look great. How neat to meet Pat and Terri...I blog with both and they are dears. Now I have to make the 4 hour drive and visit St. Louis!!


salmagundi said...

As usual, I'm mesmerized by your posts - so full of family, fun, food and adventure. I so enjoyed revisiting St. Louis with you. Hope you are well. School has started here, how about you? Take care, Sally

Sheila said...

I'm beat, I could never keep up with you guys!
I could enjoy eating at those yummy restaurants though.
How lovely to meet blog pals like that. I've still yet to do it.
Glad to see you all had such a good time

Sue said...

I just told the Boss how wonderful St. Louis looks and that we need to put that on our list of places to visit in the future..You should work for their Chamber of Commerce!! and all the great know I love all the food..Can't wait to see Grace cheerleading...and to hear more about what's going on in your life...Love, Sue...

Wendster said...

Love the photos!

Faves are the butterfly on the orange flower, the line in front of the custard house, and ... oh yes! That yummy breakfast item that looks like a croissantish thing.

Love them ALL!

You are too good.

Mua! xoxoox