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Wednesday, June 09, 2010


It has been non stop wackiness around Rabbit Run Cottage of late!
I have had little to no time at all to visit or post here and for that, I humbly apologize!
 I know all of you are up to sweet things around your places and I promise to drop by soon!

We celebrated our dear son's birthday last week. He is so much like his Dad...cherishes the simple and quiet things in a little family party here at home was just what he wanted. His favorite coconut cake finished off a dinner of grilled hot dogs, french fries, shrimp and yes. Sushi. The boy loves his sushi!

Grace knows exactly what to get her big brother...the gift of Starbucks!

Then we attended an awards event at Grace's school. She had no idea she was
winning anything nor that we would be there!

This is the "What are you two doing here?" look we got when she spotted us!

Thankfully, the surprised look changed to a big smile for us!

We knew she was recieving awards for orchestra and art club as well as the coveted "Most Improved Student" award but they surprised all of us with another...

Grace was given one of the Presidential Awards For Educational Excellence.

The award is quite lovely, signed by the President and the Secretary of Education and came with a Presidential Seal pin.

Her teachers told us she has worked so hard, been so dedicated to learning and come so very far in the last few years. We are so proud of her, of both of our children, and all they have accomplished!

Lots more to talk about but too little time to post! Today is Grace's last day of Elementary sachool! Yikes! Where did the time go? The PTO is throwing the kids a wonderful party at the Township Rec Center. I am on the decorating committee so need to run! I have a lot of balloons to blow up! *laugh* Should be easy for me! After all, I am filled with hot air!

Thinking of you all and sending each one of you lots of love!
I hope your June is going beautifully!


Jo said...

Congrats to Grace!!! It's always fun to surprise them. I love sushi too - they joke it really is the wasabi that I like and sushi is just the filler...

Connie said...

They are both adorable and are lucky to have you and hubs for their parents, sweetpea!

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

They grow up so fast!!!

Blondie's Journal said...

What a sweet post!! You must be so proud of Grace. Congratulations to her. And a big Happy Birthday to your son!


Lynilu said...

Well, first of all, you don't need to apologize for having a life (and a pretty nice one at that!).

Your kids are beautiful, er, and handsome! I love the picture of Grace looking like she just got caught with her hand in the cookie jar!!

salmagundi said...

Congrats to Grace -- we know how much she has accomplished, and hope everyone realizes how great her parents are and their contribution to her success. Slow down a little, Sue, and enjoy the summer with your kids. Sally

Shelia said...

Hi Susie! Happy Birthday to your dear son! Now I'd be the first in line for a tiny slice of the coconut cake but would pass on the sushi! :)
Good for your Grace! Congratulations to her and her awards! She is so cute and i know how proud you are of her.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Laurie said...

Happy Birthday to your son and congrats to your daughter - awesome!!!! :-)

Kat said...

Happy Birthday to Daniel and big congratulations to Grace. Give her a hug from George and I. So proud of her.