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Monday, March 22, 2010

Uh huh..I Know, I Know...But Here Is Why...

...yup. I sure do! I have been just an awful blogger. Terrible at keeping up posts and even worse at visitng and leaving comments. Try as I might, life just keeps me from sitting down with this old computer! Not anything awful, just the general busy-ness! You all know what that is like! Since we returned from Florida, it has been go, go, go!
I have so much to catch up on here but please know I adore you all. I think about you all so, so often. You will not believe how many times during the day or the week I see something or hear something and think about one of you!

I can't possibly catch up with everything that has kept the folks at Rabbit Run Cottage hopping but let's start with these...

On Grace's birthday the family went to Columbus, Ohio. One of Grace's best friends came along too! We  headed to the Rhodes State Office Building across from our Capitol building where Grace was one of 170 young people across the state honored with an art award. One of her pieces is to hang in the building where our state representative's offices reside.

Grace with her beautiful ink and watercolor piece.
Here are Grace, her friend Miss A. and her art teacher, Mrs. Tavani.

Receiving her award...

Miss A., Grace and my Mom

The girls in front of the State Capitol.

Then it was off to Easton Town Center, a wonderful shopping and dining area in Columbus. The girls had lots of fun looking and trying on and oohing and ahhing...

Then it was lunch time! Grace chose The Cheesecake Factory...

...where after dinner, the wait staff presented her with cheesecake and sang a rousing chorus of Happy Birthday!

The next evening we had a nice dinner, followed by Grace's birthday cake.
And yes! She blew out all 12 in one breath!

Then, this past weekend, all of us, plus 2 of Grace's dear friends, went down to Great Wolf Lodge near Cincinnati. Uh huh...more birthday doin's!

Grace with her buddies, Miss KE  and Miss KH.
Is there anything sweeter than kids giggling?

More presents to unwrap...then off to dinner at The Brazenhead Irish Pub!
Now, if I hadn't been pretty darned sure I was near Cincinnati, Ohio, I would have SWORN I was in the Emerald Isle itself...

What a wonderful place!

We loved being at Brazenhead Irish Pub, especially during St. Patrick's Day week!
Shepherd's Pie and Fish and Chips all around!

And nope. There was no partaking of any Irish spirits...these girls are just naturally silly!

Then back to Great Wolf for more water fun!

Great Wolf has the most wonderful indoor waterpark and the girls had such a great time!

Oh NO! Watch out for the wild animals!

We all came home tired but happy. It was certainly a sweet month of birthday celebrations for Grace!

Next post? My nephew, the Booman, had HIS birthday celebrations this month too!

I TOLD you it had been extra busy!

Wishing you all a sweet week filled with sunshine and smiles!

Spring is here!

Love to you all!


Laurie said...

Wow, you sure have been busy having FUN! I thought of you as we drove through Dayton twice last weekend on a quick trip from TN to MI to see family. Went by the Great Wolf Lodge, looks like a fun place!

We used to live in Columbus before moving here, Easton is a great place to spends some time and $$$!

Congrats to Grace on her art award - love her artwork! I am sure it will have a place of honor in your home after its stint at the Capital!

Thanks for the update!
Laurie S.

Wendster said...

Wow! That looks like a fabulous time was had by all. Loved the photos and that Great Wolf Lodge and that pub looked like the most fun to me.

That was a beautiful piece of artwork Grace created! I loved it!

Happy Birthday Grace!!! 12 already??? Where does the time go. You are growing up to be a beautiful young woman.

And I can relate to getting behind on blogging. Yup.

No worries! I love you Sue Z Q !! ! !

bj said...

O, wow...everything looks like so much fun.
Congratulations to Grace...that is quite an award.
So glad you came by to see me..I've missed you!
xo bj

Kat said...

You HAVE been busy! Grace is a busy girl. You really do expose her to so many wonderful things. No wonder she smiles and laughs and giggles so much. Give her a hug for me, okay?


BittersweetPunkin said...

Happy Belated Birthday to your Sweet Princess! (I have been an awful blogger


Jim Rittenhouse said...

Wow! You and Grace sure have been congratulations to her about the art exhibition!

salmagundi said...

What fun you have! And, so many great experiences and memories you are providing for Grace. Enjoy it now, as life does slow down eventually. Take care, Sally

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

Looks like they are some rally sweet, happy girls. I wish you all a sunny week...m.

Bonnie said...

Congrats Grace on your art award. How awesome to have it displayed at the Capital. What fun you all have no matter where you are. And you always seem to find the best places to go. Thanks for sharing them with us.

Sue said...

Oh Lady you have bee busy....wait until next year when Miss G becomes a full fledged teenager....
And the boys start tagging along...I loved all the pictures of her with her cute little girlfriends....they made me smile...She sure is getting to become a beautiful young lady....

linda said...

It just sounds like you all are having alot of fun these days. Congrats to Grace on her award and her birthday!