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Saturday, July 05, 2014

Summer Sweetness

Summer has its own special sweetness...sand and surf,

fresh lemonade,

seasonal bounty,

farm stand produce,

lazy days at the lake,




and fireworks.

Yes, the warm, sultry days of Summer
have their own special brand of sweetness, their own
joys to delight in and savor.

Hoping your Summer is a magical one!

Susie Q


Wendster said...

Beautiful pictures, as always! I enjoyed each and every one of them. All is well. Just popping by the cottage to see what you are up to. :D Hugs!!! xoxoxooxox

Jeanie said...

You are back, Susie Q -- or maybe I should say I am back! For a long while you stopped posting and I stopped coming. But no more! I've missed your blog and delighted you are here and I found you once again!

Jeanie (from Marmelade Gypsy)

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Beautiful photos, Susie! Looks like you had a wonderful summer!

Stacey said...

Hey Susie! I saw your comment over at Kathy's blog and just wanted to say hi. I miss your posts!


Andrea Frazer said...

So glad you are still posting! I look back at my bloggy days with you and a handful of gals as some of the sweetest moments of my parenting. :)