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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Into Each Life a Little Snow Must Fall...

"Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth, 

for the touch of a friendly hand and for a talk beside

 the fire: it is the time for home."

~ Edith Sitwell

"In winter we lead a more inward life. 

Our hearts are warm and cheery,

 like cottages under drifts..."

~ Henry David Thoreau

"Oh! the snow, the beautiful snow, Filling the sky and 

earth below, Over the housetops, over the street,

 Over the heads of the people you meet. 

Dancing, Flirting, Skimming along."

~ J.W. Watson

We are to receive our first snowfall of the new year this afternoon and I am thrilled. 
I love Winter and all of it's beauty. Think of each snowflake as Winter's butterflies!

Stay safe and warm dear friends...and enjoy this season for all that makes it special.


Sue@CountryPleasures said...

I'm learning to love winter and your lovely photos sure do help!!

Salmagundi said...

Yep! I'm sending that snow your way - we had that storm yesterday, so it should be arriving in Ohio very soon!!! It was beautiful here - I love winter. Hope you are all o.k. Sally

Lisa said...

I am so happy to meet another winter fan! I really don't do hot well. I like the sun to shine but not directly on me! lol
Enjoy your snow these pics are lovely!
Hugs, Lisa

Lisa said...

I forgot my blog was hacked so I started a new one Please stop by when you get a chance.
Hugs, Lisa

Sheila said...

Hi Sue, I'm catching up on my blogs today. What lovely photos! (although all of your photos are beautiful!). I love winter too, and was giggly as a little girl when we got our first snow a few days ago. (trying to drive in it, and slippin' and slidin' though, I wasn't so giggly! lol) But once errands were done, I enjoyed the snow so much! It's so pretty and I don't even mind shoveling it.

Bonnie said...

I honestly miss the snow. I grew up in New England. Some people think I'm nuts. I don't miss shovelling it, but I do miss the beauty. It always seemed like the world was more at peace when it snowed. Thank you so much for sharing with us because otherwise I might never be able to enjoy the snow again.

Pam said...

Well, I guess your snow has probably melted by now. Beautiful photos. I love the first few snows of the season, but they wear out their welcome around February 1st!

PEA said...

Well the darn Winter butterflies are coming here by the thousands! lol We had our first major snowfall yesterday and supposed to get another one starting tonight. It's a good thing I really don't mind the snow and cold:-) It's been a bit too frigid to go for a walk but hopefully soon it will start to warm up enough. Love your pictures, dear Sue, and love you! xoxo

Jeanie said...

It's so awfully cold here -- looks like it there, too! Your winter pix are lovely, but oh, I am longing for summer again!

Sue said...

You can keep your snow up there in Ohio...we are looking at 70 degree weather next week....we're going to crank up the heater in the pool....Congrats to Miss Grace for hr award today....she's growing up to be a beautiful young must be so proud...
Hugs, Sue

Sue said...

OH...i forget to say that I have not been blog reading due to old age new glasses yesterday so I can actually see what I'm reading now....

Ms. Kathleen said...

Love your blog! Beautiful photos... We have beautiful snow here as well.

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said... were so sweet to stop by and wish me birthday wishes. Getting old sure is not for sissies! :) Love your winter post. We haven't had any snow this winter and I am not fact it's in the 60's today and has been all week. Save some on our outrageous electric bill But we really do need a good snowfall to kill off some of the yucky bugs. :) I love how you said snowflakes were like winter butterflies. :) xo

Sandi McBride said...

I am feeling snow deprived, so I'm so glad that you shared yours!!!