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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Winter's Bliss

When there's snow on the ground, I like to
pretend I'm walking on clouds.   
~Wild World, 2005
Uh huh! That's what it is! Snow...and since they say it fell in 49 of our
 United States of America over the last week, most of us saw some!

 I am one of those odd ducks who love Winter, love snow and
love to be snowed in. Yes, you may all commence to roll your eyes and giggle now...go ahead! I know you want to!
But I do! I love to bundle up and head out to take some much beauty in Winter.

I hope you are staying warm and dry in your lovely homesbut I do hope you are able to delight in a little of the sweet beauty that can only be found at this time of year!

Winter came down to our home one night

Quietly pirouetting in on silvery-toed slippers of snow,

And we, we were children once again.

~Bill Morgan, Jr.


Lynilu said...

I'm with you, Sue. Winter rocks!!

salmagundi said...

I love winter and snow, too; but I don't bundle up and get out in it. Not to say that I stay home - I'm just not going to walk in it!!! Suppose to be warm tomorrow, so it's time to go to the city. Haven't been to the fabric stores forever. Hope you have a fun weekend planned. Sally

Terri said...

Sue, I am like you. I love the snow. I'd rather be cold than hot any day! Love the photographs!

Pamela said...

sigh ~ ~ ~ ~

bj said...

No snow for us out here in West Texas. It is supposed to be in the middle 50's here in Lubbock today.

Stay warm!!

Cass @ That Old House said...

Beautiful shots of snow!
Nothing is more beautiful. I especially love those early mornings after a big storm, when the sun touches the new snow and turns it a gorgeous glittery pink.
Keep snapping those snow shots.

Holly said...

I love the snow too! It creates such a magical, peaceful place. . .

Wendster said...

Cool quote. I wish I had seen snow! They got it in the mountains and the foothills even but not at my house.

Great pics. Love'em!