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Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Oh, and the photos have nothing to do with the topic except that all animals ARE blessings from God...that and I just like 'em! *smile*

Thank you to all who have commented and sent emails about the last post. You all ARE true blessings to me. I do want to apologize for having to become comment moderated...yes, that pesky spam was just getting in the path of our fun. So, for now, I will just leave it on moderate status...hopefully that will be removed in the near future!

I did receive one comment that had to do with me "not being a good Christian" and not believing that all good things are blessings from the Lord. Now, I have always said that I will never write about religion or politics on this blog. And I have not...okay, not much. *grin* But I do want to clarify what I said...just a wee bit!

I DO believe in God and I DO believe that He can give us blessings...but I do not believe that everything good is directly related to a blessing from our Maker. Like wise, I do not believe that everything bad is a punishment from Him. Some things just happen...sometimes things are just related to luck. Before I am tarred and feathered, I want to point out that this is a viewpoint that was told to me years ago by members of the clergy. I once worked in a Navy Relief office and we were attached to the offices of the base chaplains. I used to love to chat with them about life, religion, world events, you name it. There were 2 Protestant chaplains, a Catholic chaplain and a Jewish chaplain. Oh what interesting conversations we had!

It was these chaplains who told me that God didn't play favorites with His people and we should all think before we label everything we have *good* in our life as a blessing from God. God does not arbitrarily decide who should have healthy babies and who should face infertility or the birth of a handicapped child, who should own luxury homes while others live in squalor, who should be striken with illness and who should be healthy. Yes, God does give us blessings. Yes, God does answer prayers, even when that answer is not the one for which we had originally prayed. And yes, God DOES give us the strength to face the bad things that happen to us and the comfronting shoulder to cry on when we are the most disillusioned.

This idea was a huge blessing to me at a time when I was living in very UN-House Beautiful Navy quarters and facing the possibility of never having a baby.
I had been told, by one who fancied herself a "God fearing woman", that she had been "blessed" with healthy babies and a lovely home so it was "obvious that (Me) was not sitting well with God since He had not blessed (Me)." To quote one of the chaplains, "What a pompous, ridiculous woman! If anyone is not sitting well with God, it is most assuredly HER". That began our conversations about life and luck and blessings...

While watching coverage of the aftermath of a tornado recently, I heard a man say that God had blessed him as his house was virtually unharmed while his neighbor's homes were all destroyed and 3 people were killed. This chilled me to the bone. I understand that he *felt* blessed but to say that God had blessed him, while choosing NOT to bless the others, (and isn't that what he is really saying?) is a bit (to quote the chaplain) "pompous and ridiculous!" This is a situation where luck played a part...just plain old luck.

So, this is simply what I believe...that a little good luck is often the only thing that separates us from those bad things that befall so many. If you have been lucky enough to live a happy, secure life, be glad and rejoice in it and remember to help those who have been less fortunate.
Just know that if you have faced disappointment, despair and unhappiness, that God IS there with you...

And with that, so ends the only post I have ever really done concerning religion! I hope I have not frightened all of you on to far less serious topics!

And, yes, all of you truly ARE blessings to me!

Love and Hugs,
Susie Q


Shelia said...

Hi Susieness! I understood what you meant in your last post but I'm glad you came back and did another one about this. I agree with you. There is scripture that says it rains on the just and the unjust alike - my version. I heard a preacher say one time - life is not fair but God is good! Amen.
You are a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Terri and Bob said...

I had never thought of it this way. What a relief. I thought every bad thing meant I was in disfavor with the Lord, me, who tries hard to please Him every day. You made so much sense! THankYou so much!

Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

First I have to tell you, I went to Donna's and saw Kipper's portrait. She captured Kip's pure essence. Gorgeous portrait!! I'll leave a comment there in a minute.

Did you read my In a Fog and A Small Collection posts, this week? Like minds are thinking alike on the blogging thing. I disabled anon. comments and I moderate all comments now. Too much spam and a couple of negative energy comments. Not so much negative but negative energy definitely.

I find I get more comments on the decor posts. There is only so much decorating a person can do!

I read somewhere, as I said in my post, something that somehow made me feel like what I do on my blog is mundane. Not so much in those words and not me specifically...but definitely read between the lines.
The tablescapes will continue now and then. Because, as we all know...I do have a few dishes stashed here and there. I'm going to join Michael Lee West in cooking as often as possible, as soon as I recover from this two month battle with whatever is being passed around. J passed it back to me, over the weekend.LOL I'm making the appropriate chicken soup tomorrow, to be featured on Foodie Friday, this week!

The decorating posts are not going to be so much this year. I want to do my photos and our little trips and cook, etc. So I may lose readers, without much decorating. But the blog was started to help me out of the grief of losing Elijah. And I don't want my little journal to ever be a chore. That wouldn't honor Elijah's memory much, would it.

As for this post and luck. J, the very good Catholic boy that he is, tells the story of standing in a line of other soldiers, not long after he entered the army. They went to every other soldier in the line and said Vietnam. J went to Germany. The soldiers on either side of him went to Vietnam. He always says it was luck, when he was given the assignment for Germany, even with his Catholic upbringing. He does talk to and about the Man Upstairs quite a bit, though.:-)

Keep on keepin' on Sue.

salmagundi said...

Loved this explanation! I remember the Dr. explaining to us about my daughter's Stage 4 brain cancer - he said it was just simply bad luck. As I go into surgery tomorrow; as usual I've given a lot of thought about blessings and luck the last few days. I can't begin to tell you how I've appreciated your last two posts. Keep it coming. Sally

~Sheila~ said...

I agree with you Sue. I believe God loves us all the same, but some of us just get lucky, or not as the case maybe.
I also believe everything happens for a reason.
big hugs

Kat said...

Hi sweet Sue

I missed your last post so I went back and read it. Girlfriend, I love your heart. I love your spirit. I love your caring. And thoughtfulness. And sweetness. I come here because of YOU. Not your house. I know what you mean though. Sometimes, I feel inadequate when I visit blogs and they are so talented with decorating or photography or cooking, etc. My blog is probably boring in comparision but I do it for me. Be true to yourself.

Much love and hugs!

Holly said...

Hi Susie! I am not going anywhere! I enjoy visiting your blog (and you). I do believe God doesn't play favorites, and loves us all the same. I guess I have never liked the word 'luck' but I do understand what you are saying. Thanks for being honest. It is very painful to see the footage of the people in Haiti, and it does remind us of what we do have to be thankful for (no matter how great or small).

Kathleen Grace said...

As the Bible says, "The rain falls on the just and the unjust alike." It always makes me sad when people think they can judge others. Saying someone isn't a "good Christian" is pretty presumtuous and pompous, and that isn't what Christianity is about either. You make some good points Sue.

Rebecca Ramsey said...

I so agree with you. It always pains me to hear people say that God spared them, when others were not. I understand their thankfulness, but I can't imagine God choosing to zap certain people and spare others. God is only good and surely grieves for the pain of his children.

And aren't lambs the most beautiful creatures? Their faces always blow me away.

Janet said...

Love you and I was getting the spam too. Most of it was in Chinese with a 3 letter word ending in "x" plopped in the middle of the characters. Weird, huh??

Cherdecor said...

Sue, I can't find your email address and since you are moderating comments, I'll say it here, but you don't need to post it.

Even though I do not share your beliefs on luck (when the Bible says, every good and perfect gift comes from above,and other verses) but I still like you and enjoy your blog. I think you are a very loving person and appreciative of beauty. I love your house and the home you have made there. I love your family and I love reading about your life.

Your opinions do not upset me in the least. I would love to sit down and tell you all the "bad" things that has happened to me yet each one has been a gift of God to change me and head me in the right direction. God's love is not a pampering love, but a perfecting love.

I haven't been around as often as I would like. I am old you know and it takes me three times as long to get my work done as it did a few years back. I need time.

Don't get discouraged. One of these days, I would like to meet you. I think you would be a fun person.

Have a great day!
Cheryl from Cherdecor

Manuela@TPOH said...

Hi Susie!

I totally understand where you're coming from and I agree. I started to read your other post the other day and got called away. So I'll go finish it now~smile.


Brown English Muffin said...

I can't believe that someone said you weren't a good christian....who are they to JUDGE who is a good one and who isn't??? Unless they comment came from god.

Kelly said...

I have to say that I do not agree with much in this post, but most especially the part about luck. I believe that everything that happens is either caused by the sins of man that go back to the fall in the Garden of Eden or that they are a part of God's plan. I believe that God allows bad things to happen to his people to teach them something, to get their attention, or to make them stronger. I do believe that God is good and is always with us.

Pamela said...

You made a very good case here -- .

The only thing I would add is that we are reminded to be thankful in all things -- and I find that a most difficult task.

I'm with you in that I want to kick butt when someone suggests that a persons misfortune reflects his or her faith.

Wendster said...

Do you know, I just don't *GET* people who have to vent when you press their hot button. And it's not like we press their hot button on purpose either!

I pressed my soon to be ex's hot button this morning by not even PRESSING his hot button .... he summoned up a memory and used THAT to attack me. Goof ball.


gimmeneez don't get me going. But I'll go a little longer if you don't mind.

This is just my opinion, but JUDGMENT gets in the way of loving and accepting people ... I am totally on the same page as you are, Sue z Q when you say "let's respect that everyone has different religious beliefs and they have the right to express them without being attacked" ... how terrible does it feel to have to hold your tongue out of fear that someone won't like what you say?


It ticks me off that someone said God found you in less favor then he found fertile insensitive chick ... and the evidence was your sad painful situation ... THAT is evidence???? Sure it's evidence ... OF A MEDICAL ISSUE. Not a lack of God's love for you!!!


man it ticks me off when people attack my Suzi Q ... if they start up again, you just let me know. I've got PEOPLE who handle this kind of a thing. I'll send them over.

I love you and I loved this post.