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Monday, June 08, 2009

My Peeps Need YOUR Help Dudes!

I would like for to ask all of you dudes for your help! Miss Kelee,
and her cool dog dude, Oliver, over at the Katillac Shack, has a totally sweet project that will benefit kitties & doggies in need! If you can help by decoratin' a scarf and photographin' your favorite dog (Or perhaps even a kitty) IN that scarf, please hope over and see Kelee and Oliver!
I can't wait to see what my Mom and Sissy will do with MY scarf!
Not so long ago it was me, the Kipper dude, who needed a little help. I am one of the lucky ones dudes! Please hop over to visit that nice Kelee and see if you too can help very special dogs and cats!
Love ,


Bonnie said...

I will have to go check it out. I'm always willing to help Kipper's Peeps.

Deb said...

Oh Kipper you look so handsome in your scarf!! Benny had a "favourite" red paisley scarf that he wore every day to the park. Thanks for the link to the Katillac shack - I will go and check that out :-)