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Monday, March 16, 2009

Kip's Big Irish Adventure

Happy St. Patrick's Day from your friend Kip!
Hi all you Irish dudes! My Mom says that everyone is Irish today, even if you are not, which I am. My name is actually Kipper T. McGhee, the T stands for *trouble* and that is what you get with me dudes. Trouble. My Mom says I am a little Irish hooligan from the streets of Belfast. (That must be in Tennessee dudes 'cause that is where I was born) My Dad says I am as cute as a leprechaun but you know? I have never actually SEEN a leprechaun.
One comes to our house in the wee hours before dawn on St. Patrick's Day and causes lots of messes. He leaves paper all over the floors and throws socks in the hallway. He also leaves a buncha gold coins that smell a lot like chocolate. (Which, by the way, I am not allowed to eat. Phooey).
I have tried to stay up and catch this leprechaun in action dudes but a guy's gotta sleep sometime right? I think it is my cats that make the messes and blame it on those poor leprechauns but where would my cats get gold coins that smell like chocolate? They don't have any money dudes! So I have decided to go out looking for a leprechaun. Ssh. Don't tell my folks 'cause they would worry 'n I will be home by sun up anyway 'kay dudes?
Let's go! I've got my leprechaun trackin' device (Otherwise known as my nose) and that's all we need right?
I have seen all sorts of pictures like this 'round town this time of year. But does a REAL leprechaun look this happy all the time?I have also seen this picture of a leprechaun and he looks mighty angry. I think he works at a school somewhere. Do leprechauns look mad dudes? I DO know they live in Ireland most of the time. It is a place far from my house and my parents want to go real bad. They say it is green and pretty and the people there are cool an all and I think that sounds good but let's get back to findin' one of those trouble makin' leprechauns 'kay?
I was gonna ask these dudes if they know where a leprechaun is but gee whiz. These guys are....ssshhh....*wearin' skirts*. That is why the poor dog is hiding his face dudes! Skirts! On guys! Dudes!
I started to ask this horse if HE knew about leprechauns but he looked a little green 'round the old gills if you know what I mean. HA! That was a good one dudes! But hey. Dad says it is really green in Ireland so even the horses must turn green. Whoa.
I thought these dudes might be leprechauns so I sniffed 'em. Nope. Not leprechauns but they smelled good anyway. Kinda like corned beef.
Wow! This dude has his own leprechaun!! Oh. Wait a mo...that is NOT a real leprechaun. I KNOW leprechauns and he is NO leprechaun. Okay, so I DON'T actually KNOW leprechauns but I was just sayin'...
This is Chauncey. He is a cool Irish dog like me and he says I can ride in his car to look for wee people. Keep a close eye out Chauncey dude!
Look out! Cats! Whoo Hoo...hey cats. Do you know a leprechaun? Phooey on you...I didn't want to kiss ya anyhoo.
I hear the river in Chicago magically turns green on march 17th every year. Must be the work of tricky leprechauns. Let's look there dudes...
Aha!! A leprechaun. Um...nope. It's just Elton John! Ooh. My Mommy
would not like THAT joke. Just teasin' Ma!
I thought this dude was a leprechaun but on closer sniff I discovered he was a dog. Sneaky huh?
These guys were all in green but they didn't know any leprechauns. They said to call 'em if I needed any help tho' and not to play with matches.
I thought my search was over dudes! I mean, his shirt even SAYS he is a leprechaun and all. But a quick sniff let me know he was a human baby. And he needed a change too! Another sneaky dude.
Wait!! Look at this! We must be getting close right?
Aha!!! are SO not a leprechaun dude! But I do like your tie...huh? What?
Our buddy Winston here says he has seen a few animals...ssshh...*drinking beer*. I do NOT believe it! I do NOT believe it! Just because it is St. Patrick's Day does not mean...
Oh NO!!! Squirrels drinking an Irish ale! What to do, what to do....yikes!!!
CATS drinking an Irish ale!!! Well, thank goodness no dog would ever be caught Oh dude...drinking!! And drinking a nice Irish ale! What would your German ancestors say dude? I guess we ALL are Irish today...even little dachshunds.
But I want you to know dudes that I do NOT drink Irish ale. Or beer. Or fruit punch. My only vice is the ever so occasional (And only because my folks won't take me more!) cuppa 'scream! Well, I got a little side tracked there...let's get this search back on course!
Are YOU a leprechaun? You are wearin' green and you are wee...oh. Leprechauns don't have feathers? Sorry dude!
Is THIS a leprechaun? Nah...but he IS a spiffy dresser dudes!
Éirinn go Brách anyway cat dude!
Are YOU a You are not are a cow. A green cow. Hey! Do you give green milk? That would be totally awesome cow dude!
Well, I am just about ready to give up dudes. I am tired and I need to sleep. I will go to bed and dream of this all green land where cows and horse are green too. The cats dress in hats and the squirrels drink beer and the dudes wear skirts. Sometimes.
WAIT! There! In that little house!! A LEPRECHAUN DUDES!!!!!
CATCH him dudes!!!
HA! Gotcha!
(In case you don't recognize me in the hat, it's me. Kipper.)
I hope you are wearin' some green today because
if you do not wear green you can get a pinch! So wear it! Dudes! That is my St. Paddy's Day advice for you!
Excuse me for now 'cause I smell some corned beef cookin'
somewhere and I just have to find it!
Happy St. Patrick's Day!
Your Irish Dog Pal,
Kip T. McGhee


Rebecca Ramsey said...

Kip, Happy St. Patty's Day, you cute thing! I sure enjoyed the post!

Cottage Rose said...

Well A Happy St. Patrick's Day to you too Kip.. I really loved your story and all the wonderful photos. I am so sorry that you did not find what you were looking for..... But don't dis spare you will... And how smart you look in you hat... Now don't eat all the corn beef Kip, save me some.... mmmm lol


Anonymous said...

Kip that was one wild trip we went on. Jersey and Toro said tell you they are going to go back to bed and hide out since they just finished breakfast,
Tell mom and family to have a blessed day.

Andrea at Opulent Cottage said...

That's the funniest thing I've ever seen, awesome, just awesome! The squirrel is my personal favorite. Thanks so much!

Terri Steffes said...

Kip, I wish I had shared that adventure with you!

SmilingSally said...

Top o’ the mornin’ to ya!

Melanie said...

Happy St. Patrick's Day, Kip. I lived in Tennessee for awhile but never ran into Belfast. Stay alert for those little green guys!

Sheila said...

Happy St Patricks Day Kip.
You must be dog tired after hunting Leprachauns all night.
I hope the folks share the corned beef with you..

nikkicrumpet said...

That Kip sure knows how to do an adventure right! I had so much fun following him on his quest! ANd I sure hope he got some of that corned beef!

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

The same to you!!! I am making cabbage and potatoes...m..

Sue said...

Love all those greened up animals, Sue! I also enjoyed the Irish dance music! And last but not least, Kipper looking quite dandy... I want to go out tonite and have a drink to celebrate the day, what with being a little Murphy and a little Sullivan, don't ya know! Will avoid the crowd at Dublin Pub, but might go down to UD area and hit Flannagan's. If worse comes to worse, I will stay home and share a Guiness w/Mr. Sullivan and not even bother with the traffic. Here's wishing you a
Happy St. Paddy's Day.
xxoo Sue

Salmagundi said...

Good to hear from Kip today. Glad to know he isn't just laying around waiting for treats!! Love a dog that gets out and about. Happy St. Pat's Day to you, Kip, and your family. Sally

Harbor Hon said...

Happy St. Patty's Day Kip Dude! I love the adventure you went on today and hope you find that little green guy. Get his gold dude, ok? We can buy some 'scream with it.

Excellent post sweet Bunny Lady! :) xxoo

Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

Happy St. Patricks Day.... We just finished our dinner of corned beef and cabbage...yum!

I am really sad to hear that you won't becoming our way after all. We had rescheduled a trip to Florida in hopes to see you :-(. Hopefully when you are able to come to this area we will be able to get together. We were really looking forward to it.

Andi said...

Kipper, you're one handsome dude in that fancy smancy hat of yours! Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Sue said...

Happy ST.Patrick's Day to the whole Combs clan!! You too Kipper..

Allidink said...

Haha! That's so cute! Oh how fun.
Happy St. Pat's!

All the best,

Glenda said...

St. Paddy's Day has to be the funniest day of them all. Thanks for sharing.


Glenda said...

P.S. I have a Giveaway. Stop by to enter.

{oc cottage} said...


m ^..^

Sue said...

What a hoot! Happy belated St. Patrick's day Suzi.

Cottage Contessa said...

Happy belated St Paddy's Day Sue! I hope it was full of wonderfully good fun, just like your post sweetie!
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

Meggie said...

Hope ole Kipper found himself a leprechaun. He sure seemed determined. Loved the photos of the green river and the green wigs.

Deanna said...

Hey Kipper, tell mommy to come over to my blog...I loved your St. Paddy's day post!


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Good Luck!
Deanna :D

Pamela said...

I forgot to wear green yesterday.
Nobody pinched me. Didn't work. ha!

Cute stuff you found there. I especially loved the dog with the front dressed up

Bumpkin Hill said...

Kim McGhee you are the greatest irish dog to be,
you come from the land of green
where welcome abounds
with the magical sounds
of where the leprachorns have been!

Glad I found your blog :) Beary Hugs, Catherine and my Bumpkin Bears

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Hi SusieQ!

Tell Kip there is a leprechaun over on my blog AND someone for YOU!!! ( at least he looks a lot like "you know who" and he's waering a kilt

Hope you had a fun "wearing of the green!"

Bonnie said...

A couple days late but oh well. I just love Kip's adventures. You really should write a book. You have such a great sense of adventure and you are so good with words. Really, you should think about it. Plus if you publish Kip's Adventures, it would be on Oprah's Book list and you's sell tons and Kip could get more 'scream, dude!

Cheryl Wray said...

Such FUN!!!!!

Omah's Helping Hands said...

Well it looks like you all definitely had a fun filled St. Patrick's day! I love your sense of humor Kip! Did you find your corned beef? Happen to save me any? :)

racheld said...

I loved this post---just finding your Cottage was a treat.

The grumpy-looking fella with his Dukes Up is the mascot/symbol of The Fighting Irish---NOTRE DAME!!

We're not great sports enthusiasts, but when you live in admidst so many fans. . . During football season, his determined little mug is everywhere.

I'm looking forward to reading all of your past posts and future adventures.