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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

It's Halloween My Darlings!

The full moon has risen and all is still...
It's me my darlings...your dear friend Surly Q. I am positively tickled to *death* that you are here! Do not mind the way I appear. It is simply another of my fiery hot flashes! Bwahahahahahahahahaha!
It's Halloween Day and all the ghoulies at Rabbit Run Manor are so glad you have decided to join needn't have put up such a struggle my darlings. We have been sprucing up the old just for you!Do come in! Please do not fear. We hardly ever bite...hard.
The whole gang here at Rabbit Run Manor would love to you dearies to our home. Snack anyone? Spiders? Why yes! They just add that extra hint of crunch to the candy is my ever so deadly secret recipe. Feeling a little parched? May I offer you some I made it myself. Please have a seat....never mind the bits of bone here and there....just a long ago guest who did not find my stories humorous.... Bwahahahahahahaha.... We could watch some movies later dearest...I don't know about you but I do so love a good comedy! I have always found this film positively Well, how about a story? Ah, I see you have chosen the best seat in the house. Comfy? Anything I can get you? Saw? Hatchet? Shovel? Who is up for the scariest Halloween story ever? You? You? YOU??? Ah, good....I knew you would be. Igor darling? Cue the appropriate music... It was a dark and stormy Wednesday afternoon...almost 3 long years ago. The heroine of our story, one Susie Q, was home alone with not one, not two but THREE children!!! Calm yourselves dear ones. We have yet to reach the truly scary part! Yes, Susie Q was all alone with 3 children. A 6 month old, a 1 year old and a 6 year old, all suffering from the dreaded runny nosed, snotty clogged head cold!!!! *Cue the taped screams* Our heroine had been unable to find the time to shower that morning and her unwashed, uncombed hair looked like a flea infested nest for baby field mice. Without the mice. She was attired in a lovely ensemble of torn sweatpants, a formula stained T shirt and holey purple socks. Yes dearies! PURPLE socks!!!! Please do try to control yourselves... The house was awash in toys, various and asundry shoes, blankets and vaporizers. Bits of graham cracker, half empty bottles, used tissues and yes, the most vile and fearsome element of all...the recently soiled diaper!!!! Would someone call 911? This poor dear seems to have fainted. May I go on? Then it came...almost silently at first then becoming more insistent. A knock at the door...once, twice, 7 times but who's counting? The dog hissed, the cat snarled. Our brave heroine crept down the long hallway...with the neighbor's 6 month old on her hip, her 1 year old nephew clinging to her leg and her newly adopted 6 year old daughter whining from the sofa. Susie Q slowly pushed back the curtains and there it was...right on her very own front porch...2 days early...THE SOCIAL WORKER!!!! Yes, yes, I can stop now while you go to the restroom to clean yourselves up...done? Now, where was I? Oh yes... Here to do his final post adoption home study... There was no time to escape, no safe place to hide...the baby wailed, the 1 year old screamed, the 6 year old covered her head with the blanket. He entered the room, poor Susie Q paled...and then he did the oddest thing. He began to laugh. He snickered, then chortled, then guffawed. Wiping his tears away he told our brave Susie Q that if she could handle this, she could handle anything. Even a runny nosed 6 year old covered with a blanket. And do it in purple socks. Thus ends my Halloween tale of fright. And just in case I forgot earlier my darlings... HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!! Now, let us adjourn to the dining room where we will feast on the delights that Igor has been digging just for you!

It Will Be Positively Ghoulish....

This creepy witch called Susie Q, extends a welcome to sweet, dear you. Please have some fun and laughter too. If you don't click this, you'll be turned to stew! Boohahahahahahahahahhaha.....

Just Some More Weekend Photos...From The Goofball

Just some more of my weekend photos. Some may be a little *goofball* so prepare yourselves! This is the Bed and Breakfast in Wyandot, Michigan that was our home away from home. We can not wait to go back in the Spring. Gerry and Vicki were phenomenal! They are two of the dearest people and made us feel so welcome. We had great fellow guests so the conversation was lively. Their home is just lovely...
Another of the 4 pretty guest rooms. Our room...we had a small sitting area, huge bathroom and a powder room. A little fireplace, A bottle of sherry and crystal glasses, nice window views, television and a DVD player. We also had a BIG walk in shower AND a claw foot tub! Now that was Heaven! While we were at dinner (at Portofino's On The Lake and oh wow! Was it delicious!) our bed was turned down, the fireplace turned on and dark chocolates were resting on our pillows. Here are a few more pictures from The Henry Ford Museum Any school child in the 50s and early 60s will remember class rooms like this as well as the chalkboard instructions! "Okay and cover!" Uh huh. This was going to save us from nuclear annihilation!
Abraham Lincoln's rocker from Ford's Theater. Anyone as old as I am remembers gas station rest rooms like this...and gas stations with full service too. "Wash your windows Ma'am? Check your oil?" I loved this letter from Clyde Barrow to Henry Ford. " business hasn't been strictly legal..." And if you have to ask who Clyde Barrow NOT tell me. I am already feeling my age today! The limousine in which JFK was assassinated. The Montgomery, Alabama transit bus in which Rosa Parks made her courageous stand. Oh yes, the original weinermobile. "Oh I wish I was an Oscar Mayer...."Okay, so these neon signs take me back a few years. I KNOW I am old! Loved this actual diner...and yes you young whippersnappers! I have eaten in such places!! Quit reminding me how old I am! And no, I did not KNOW Thomas A. Edison in person...ha ha. You are SO funny! It was such a sweet weekend and Bill and I really enjoyed getting away together. Thank you for sharing our weekend with us through these pictures...goofball and otherwise!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Just A Bit For Now...

I am having a terrible problem with Blogger this afternoon! I don't have too much time just now but wanted to post a few pictures from yesterday. Bill took me to the little town of Wyandot, Michigan this weekend. We stayed at the sweetest Bed and Breakfast and had such a good time. Yesterday we went to Dearborn and the Henry Ford Museum. Here are just a few photos...Now, just why are you getting to see these particular photos first? Well, I am sharing "weird, goofball" photos with my blog friends. You see, I was having the best time all weekend taking pictures. A window here, a car there. A chandelier there, a neon sign here. One particular woman seemed to be all too interested in what I was doing most of the day. I decided not to let her stares bother me, after all, I am 51 now and old enough to do what I want...nanny, nanny boo boo! Not too long before we left the museum, Bill went back to look at one last thing. It was then this lovely dear approached me. With sneer firmly in place she sauntered up and gleefully gasped, "Just what do you think you are doing taking pictures of windows and lighting fixtures?" "Gee", said I. "I really doubt that it is unlawful!" "Well, funny lady, it may not be unlawful but it surely is weird. You must be quite a goof ball." "Um, well, uh...huh?" She started to walk away, looked back once more, gazed up and down at me and sputtered over her shoulder, "Sheesh. It takes all kinds!" So, I thought I would share with you the odd ball photos that Susie Q likes to know, it takes all kinds!
More terribly kooky and strange photos to come! I hope you are all having a wonderful day!