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Friday, October 30, 2009


I TOLD you I had been sick....

Something odd and oh so eerie came over I am feeling a little green at the gills.
And I have this stabbing pain behind my eyes...bwhahabwhaha....ahem. Excuse me. That seems to be happening a lot lately.

Wishing you a happy Halloweenie!

Oh, and congratulations to my giveaway


Sally....Waterside Cottages


(Frippery) aka Pam...Julie and Julia

Again, thank you for all the sweet comments!

Grace pulled these three ladies' names from my witch lovely flower adorned sun hat.


Sue? I have your address but I will need Sally's and Pam's. Just pop it in an email to me at:

Love and many spooky cackles, er, Halloween hugs,

Susie Qella

For further is a replay of a
past Halloween Tale of Terror!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Uh huh...Still...*cough*..Here...*sniffle*...

...but slow. Oh so slow. Yup. The old girl is still here but running on fumes this week. Thanks to the delightful Mr. D. for reminding everyone that I had a birthday. I just wasn't feeling well enough to do the post I wanted to do soo...whew. Isn't it good to know he can be depended on in a pinch? *sly grin* What a guy huh?

(These photos are part of a series I took last week near Yellow Springs, Ohio.
These are straight from the camera, raw and untouched.)

Uh huh. Yesterday I turned 53 and it was pretty sweet. Except for the fact that I have felt pretty lousy for a few days, I have been spoiled and coddled and loved..not only yesterday but for the last 2 weeks really.
I don't deserve it but I will take it with a big smile on my face and be so grateful for it!

I will have much to report, photos to share and many thanks to send out
 but for now it is back to rest & recover.

And yes! I do remember the giveaway! Aha! You didn't really think I would forget that now did you? Pshaw.

I have 3 winners to announce and will...tomorrow!

Thank you to all who left such sweet comments and congratulations on my blogging anniversary. I really have no idea where the past 3 years have gone but I have loved every minute I have spent as part of this warm and wonderful online community.

 Our October has been just glorious and I have enjoyed each day of it.
I hope you too have celebrated this month and reveled in it's special beauty!
Stay well!

Love and Hugs to you all,
Susie Q

She Would Forget Her Own Birthday If It Wasn't...

...for me reminding her about it! Sheesh. You may well remember that she took off for the Gulf Shores back in July without even a happy birthday Brian how de doo. This lady, who professes to love me SO much, forgets to wish me a happy birthday. But do I hold a grudge? Nah. Why, I even stopped in today to wish HER a happy 53rd. But did she remember to do a blog post about her OWN natal anniversary?

I gotta tell you, this woman would forget her own head if it wasn't attached.
I just throw my hands up in exasperation! So, let's see. How about we make a list of all the reasons she forgot her own birthday.

 Let's count 'em down...gotta adjust my glasses...okay.
#1. Grace's team is in tournament now. Well, big whuppin' do. I played football you know. We had cheerleaders too. Bad excuse.
#2. She is a homeroom mom and has to get ready for the Halloween party. Aw come on now Susie Q! Toss some Snicker bars in a bag, tie a white Kleenex on a Tootsie Pop, call it a ghost  and be done with it. Sheesh.
#3. She has been sick. Okay. This one I'll give her a *slight* pass on. Just in case she had that pig virus something or other. But still, does a case of the sniffles make YOU forget your own birthday? Sheesh.

#4. Menopause. Okay. This is one excuse I am not touching with a 10 foot pole.

#5. She was harvesting crops on Facebook's Farmville? What the &%$$ is Farmville?
Does she LOOK like a farmer to you??

#6. She is 53 and her brain has turned to mush. Hmmm...maybe...wait! I am 71 and I can memorize the entire works of Shakespeare. Still, she is no Columbia grad...

...but forgetting her own birthday? Mine was bad enough but her own? Sheesh.

Oh, by the way, happy 53rd birthday Susie Q. Now go get some rest. You need it!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sue, Sue & Kari's Big Adventure

I am a little late to post this day of fun but here goes! Last Thusday I had such a sweet time!
Our dear  friend Kari of Just Livin' Large was here for a few days. I wanted her to meet Sue S from Sullivan and Murphy and Sue to meet Kari! I picked up Sue, picked up Kari and away we went! Yes folks, they actually trusted me to drive! Silly girls...

We began our day at Fulton Farm near Tipp City, Ohio.

Sue S. showing off the delicious angel food cakes you can find here!

This was my purchase that morning at Fulton Farm!

Tippacanoe and Tyler Too is a wonderful store in an old hotel. Room after room
 filled with all manner of delights!

I loved the staircase in the old hotel.

Kari doing a little window shopping!

The very lovely Kari and Sue pointing out a *frightfully* pretty bride in the front window
of Feather Your Nest, just the greatest shop! We all found fun bits and bobs we could NOT live without!

They have the most wonderful vignettes!


Across the street we found Cognac...a very pretty shop filled with lots of treasures...

If you have longed to find a bust of Gandhi that you can put a plant into (and haven't we all?), well then, this
shop has what you are looking for!

We headed back into Dayton and showed Kari a little of the downtown area. Then we decided to pop into the 2nd Street Market. It is quiet on Thursday so we were able to quickly see it all and pick up some freshly baked bread and other goodies.

Then we hopped on down to Waynesville and had
lunch at The Hammel House Inn, perused a few shops and saw
 such great old houses like this...

And here you have the chubby thorn between 2 gorgeous roses! Sue S., me, Susie Q and Kari! Aren't they  beautiful ladies? Two wonderful, fun and very dear ladies too!

I had such a sweet time with both of them and know that the fabulous Sue S. and I will have many more adventures...she lives near by after all! And I bet I speak for Sue too when I say we hope Kari will get back to the midwest soon. VERY soon! I miss her akready! We love ya and loved being with you!
And do NOT let either of these girls fool you...they are both knockout pretty, smart and fun!

I hope that all of you are having a week filled with smiles!

And don't forget to sign up for my 3rd Year Blogging Anniversary giveaway!
Just leave a comment on THIS post!

Love and Hugs,
Susie Q

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

3 Years Ago Today...

A great event in the history of man occurred. Okay. Just a bit of hyperbole there. It wasn't a *great* event and very few people noticed. Actually NO one noticed at the time. It was the day that old Susie Q introduced herself to the world. Well, so to speak.
Howdy do, my name is Sue!
It was the debut of Rabbit Run Cottage. October 20th, 2006. Just click on the words Rabbit Run Cottage and you can take a peek at what passed for a post back then! I had no idea what blogging would come to mean to me or of all the delightful friends I would have come into my life because of it.

I have truly been blessed to be a part of this wonderful blogging community. It is an honor to be invited into your lives, your homes, to have you share a bit of your world with me. I hope you have found something here at Rabbit Run that has made you smile, laugh or think. I have been so inspired, uplifted and delighted by each one of you.

I hope to continue blogging for a long time to come and I hope that you will share that journey with me. I may not always post or visit in a timely fashion but I hope you will forgive me for this...and for that I want to thank you so, so much!

AND, to thank you for being such special friends over these past 3 years, I want to have a little giveaway.

I am offering 3 books. The first is Waterside Cottages  by the fabulous Barbara Jacksier for the decorator and home lover in you,
Eloise: The Ultimate Edition for the child in you, and Julie and Julia just because I loved it AND the movie!

Just leave a comment here, on this post, and I will add your name to the list of possible winners!

I will pull a out of my hat on Tuesday, October 27th so you have a week to get that comment on here! 'K?

Thanks to you, each one of you who mean so much to me!

Love and Hugs,
Susie Q

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Basically British...

...basically delicious, basically wonderful! 2 of my best friends took me out for tea at a local shop. It was an early birthday treat and oh was it sweet! Mom came along and we had such a good time. I don't post pictures of my friends much, most don't want me too, but suffice to say they are both beautiful! And dear and so special to me.
The day was gray, chilly and drizzly but that just made this occasion all the more perfect!

Basically British, on Third Street in downtown Dayton, is a tremendous place.

I now have lovely memories to last a lifetime!

And in the same vein...a blast from the recent past! Click on this: Grace's ProperTea
and also Grace Does Tea and share these sweet memories with us!

Love and Hugs,
Susie Q