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Friday, October 28, 2011

Beware! Scary Post Ahead! Oh wait...

...not TOO scary I hope. I mean, I do frighten easily so I hope
these images will not cause any toes to curl or skin to skin is scary enough
without it crawling all over the place...

But this all about SCAREcrows...scary, evil scarecrows.
Or not. I mean, I DID see more than one crow hanging around...but they seem to be much braver than me. Well, most things are braver than me. But still, each year Mom, Grace and I head over to Oakwood and drive down Scarecrow Row. People in that beautiful little city gather together and create these fearsome
terrors. Or not so fearsome. Or... 

This guy looks pretty scary...very, very that blood on his fangs?


I mean, the one players name is Skwash! Keeping moving fast Susie Q
and maybe he won't see you...

Ants!!! I hate ants!!!
(I think I saw these in one of Brian Dennehy's early films)

I may never eat soup again.

They even cut off his ear!!!! *wail*

Okay, so this scarecrow family LOOKS safe enough...but looks can be deceiving...


Sshhh...I don't want to lose my head like this lady did...don't bring
attention to us...please...ssshhh....

They even allowed sweet, innocent Girl Scouts to make these horrific creatures!
Look closely...those are GRAVES!! AHHHH! They must be Ghoul Scouts!

The Central Perc British Tea Room frightened me the MOST! Those Royal Wedding hats are TERRIFYING! Run or they will plant themselves on YOUR heads!

I am so gonna have nightmares about THIS one!

And look what the local library did! Something as innocent as childhood
classic books are turned EVIL!

Cousin IT and a HUGE M & M? That poor little dog...he is toast I am

The SCARIO Brothers? Egads! Now I can never play that Wii game again without night terrors!

I don't know about you but I need to get home fast, jump into bed and pull
 the blankets over my head! My heart is racing and...what?
You aren't scared? YOU want to go again?

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Susie Q's Birthday Extravagana In NYC!

Welcome To Susie Q's 55th Birthday Party Blowout In New York City!

"Start spreading the news, I'm leaving today...I want to be a part of it - New York, New York...These vagabond shoes, are longing to stray...Right through the very heart of it - New York, New York...I wanna wake up in a city, that doesn't sleep..."

Let's get this party A day in New York City with all my blog friends. It is October 26th and I am thrilled you all came to help me celebrate my 55th birthday! Yes, I am that old and I feel every day OF that 55 years this week but, on a crisp, cool Autumn day like this, in my favorite city in the world, surrounded by all of you...well, how could I be anything BUT delighted!

I do realize that arriving in the city before 5AM was a lot to ask of you all but gee. We have so much to see and do!

I have arranged to have a fleet of NYC taxis at our disposal...

Everything is *on Bill*. What a man huh? You will have to pay for nothing! Nuthin' at all! Now, since Bill could not attend the celebration (Actually, I told him this trip was for my bloggy buddies only!) to serve as Chaperon, I have asked someone who knows this city well...could you introduce yourself to my friends please?

Uh huh. Brian, as a special gift for his favorite fan, has sweetly volunteered his time to escort us around this great city. Thank Mr. D! Okay ladies...since *I* am the birthday girl, I get to hold his hand...Brian...wait a minute...where are you going? Hey! I had no idea he could run that fast...he must have forgotten to buy me a present. Silly man...Okay then, see you later right Brian??

Well, let's see now...ah. Breakfast. I bet you are all hungry.

First stop, Petite Abeille at 44 W 17th Street...a cozy and oh so classy restaurant with an amazing smell of all manner of waffles!  I am trying their fresh Belgian waffles with strawberries and whipped cream. Yum!

Whew am I stuffed! Hey! Would any of you like to head over to 30 Rockefeller Plaza, between Fifth and Sixth Avenues and try to get on The Today Show? It will be fun! Come on!

*whistles for cab* Let's go! Whoo hoo. There's Brian!! HEY BRIAN!!

Isn't Ann Curry pretty?

Am I on Camera? *waving* Hi Mom! Hi Bill!

But whoa...who is this!! It's the BOSS!

Is this a thrill or what!! Whew! The BOSS performing on MY birthday! I am SO glad all of you were here with me...

Okay, so Brian is busy right now. I am sure he will

catch up with us later...byee Briee. See ya latah baked potatah.

*whistles* Hey Drivers!!! Sleeping on the job eh? We have places to go and things to see!

On to 762 Madison Avenue, between 65th and 66th Streets...pronto!

Here we are! Marie Belle's!

A supremely delicious chocolate shop in Soho. Treat yourself to a beautifully styled, two-piece box of artful chocolates or a tiny box of succulent loose tea.This shop itself feels like something straight out of the film, Amelie; Tiffany blue trim, old timey-glass cases filled with delicate chocolates and other tasty confections.There's also an adorable tea shop in the back that serves the most delicious hot chocolate and light crepes.

I have packages of their hot chocolate and their caramels waiting on each of you! Enjoy!

Oooh...smell that? Let's try out some of that...and how about this?

Wow is this place delectable! I don't know about you but all that chocolate has made me hungry! How about...

YES! Over there on that corner! A Gray's Papaya Hot Dog shop! Gimme one of the specials...wait. *2* of the specials with everything! Now THIS is a birthday!

We can sit in the window here, just like Meg Ryan did in You've Got Mail and watch the New Yorkers go by...Brian! There goes Brian! BRIAN!!! Gee but that man can run! He must still be looking for the perfect gift. What a sweetie pie.

Now that was dee-lish-ee-us! Hey! Is anyone else up for a little antiquing?

*whistle* Yo! Cabs!

Drivers? We are off to the Chelsea Antiques Building, 110 W. 25th St., near Sixth Ave. There we will find three floors of vendors selling all kinds of collectibles and antiques at all kinds of prices! I am bettin' we can find something to take home. We might even see Brian there looking for my gift!

Then it is over to 409 Bleeker where we will find Treasures & Trifles. Chock full of curios, lampshades, clocks and plenty of other odds and ends. C.Ned Kell and R.X. McCarthy, the two gentlemen who run the place, can help you find just the right chandelier for your townhouse or the perfect nightstand for your loft. You can also browse through a good collection of books of all literature here as well. Then it's time to hit Obscura! This gem is found at 280 e. 10th. There is no odder little store for housewares and accessories than this treasure trove of obscure, slightly nefarious antiques and collectibles -- and every now and then there is a gem of a find tucked away just might snag something phenomenal! LOOK! Is that Brian over there? Nah, it was just a big stuffed bear...well. He IS a big teddy bear right? *sigh* What say we do a little shoe shopping...I see Andi's eyes lighting up! Shoes for everyone! You all know what a big spender my Bill is...*cough*...and he wants each of you to have a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes! I am looking for a pair of stilettos in red sequins. How me! *cough* Um, well, it COULD be me right? Okay, but this next place IS me!

NOW we are talkin' baby! FAO Schwartz! I am just a big kid at heart...OKAY! A VERY big kid but I love a toy store and THIS is a TOY store!

Bill is giving you all one of these wonderful 2011 FAO Schwarz holiday bears! Isn't he cute and cuddly...kinda like Brian IS that man?

And what is just down the street from FAO's? Uh huh. Tiffany's! At

727 Fifth Avenue & 57th Street is Tiffany's. The most famous jewelry store in New York -- and maybe the world! This wonderful multi level store offers a breathtaking selection of jewelry, signature watches, tableware and stemware...all manner of beautiful things. Each item comes wrapped in that unmistakable blue box with a white ribbon tied just so.

See all of these boxes? They are all little gifts to you from Bill...each one of you is getting one of these signature Tiffany bracelets! You may have anything you wish engraved on the heart!

Isn't Bill a sweet guy?

Now, speaking of sweet guys, look around. We might find Brian in here looking for my birthday present!

I am famished! All of this shopping and buying does that to a girl. How about pizza? New York style pizza! Artichoke Basille's Pizza & Brewery can be found at E 14th St and this is what you will see... Are you drooling yet? I surely am.

Something sweet? Hey, it IS my birthday right? In the heart of Greenwich Village is The Magnolia Bakery. Which one of these frosting covered delights will you choose?

Now that we had a bite to eat and a little rest, let's take a walk in Central Park! We need to burn off some of these calories!

I love the Boat House...and what a beautiful place this is in the Autumn! Central Park is just one of the many wonderful places, people or things that make New York City so special! You know, there was a scene from one of Brian's films shot at the Boat House. Of course, most of F/X was shot in NYC.

Nah...I do NOT talk about Brian too much...nope. No way.

Oh look. There is the Central Park Zoo! Let's go inside and see some of the animals...

...hmm...or not.

Cheeky Monkeys...

What do I spy now? Whoo Hoo! It's the totally re-furbished Plaza Hotel. Isn't it grand? I see it is almost tea time! Bill has made reservations for all of us to have high tea at The Plaza! Let's go!

Let's peek in closer shall we? I'll just pass this tray around...take as many as you like and there are also 12 kinds of tea. Which one would you prefer? Well of course you may sample them all!

While we are here at the Plaza, let's take a peek into one of the rooms! Ssh...quiet now...

Nice digs huh? Hey! You girls stop jumping on the beds! We are not even supposed to be IN here!

Sheesh! Your manners!


Look at that Central Park view!

Hmmm....does anyone have binoculars? I THINK I see Brian down there...and the sun is beginning to set. It gets dark so early this time of year!

But that doesn't have to stop us right? Not in the city that never sleeps!

After seeing your behavior in the hotel room, I think we could all use a bit
of sophistication, a bit of culture. Just over there is The Metropolitan Museum of Art

                             There is a stunning collection of Royal Porcelain on display right now...

Please DO be careful...I doubt Bill would want to pay for any broken bits of dishes! I have a surprise for you all! Bill was able to get us tickets to see the new, sizzling hit show on Broadway, Anything Goes starring Sutton Foster and Joel Grey! Now, now. Calm down! We are ALL going...sheesh.

Wasn't that fun? I will be humming those tunes for weeks! What? I can SO hum! I can sing too! Hmpf.

And humming always makes me hungry!

TAXIS!!!! What? You weren't asleep were you? You drivers have had it soooo easy today...*tsk tsk* What better place for an after theater dinner than Manhattan's Balthazar Restaurant.

Let's begin with some hors d’oeuvres...shrimp risotto with celery root and rosemary or roasted pumpkin ravioli homemade with brown butter, sage, walnuts and baby spinach.

For the salad course? Balthazar Salad with haricots verts, asparagus, fennel, ricotta salata and truffle vinaigrette.

Main course...your choice of the Balthazar Bar Steak,with pommes frites and maître d’ butter or béarnaise sauce or grilled chicken Paillard,with frisée salad, roasted tomato and Parmesan.

And then we will need something decadent to finish off our meal... The Pavlova, a baked meringue with warm seasonal berries or the Lemon Mille-Feuille with lemon grass granite and lemon parfait.

Hey! Let's all head to The Empire State Building!

I'll race you to the top! (Actually, I will take the elevator but don't tell anyone else...sssh)

Wow! What a breathtaking view!

I am pretty well worn too? I think Bill got us rooms at a near by inn just in case we were too tired to fly home tonight. Yes, yes, he can get the tickets changed for us. NO problem. Bill is always eager to help! The 1871 House is a New York City style Bed & Breakfast Inn ... an Upper East Side boutique hotel in the heart of Manhattan. Located at the southern end of the Upper East Side, the house is nestled among stylish brownstones and stately Townhouses on a beautiful tree-lined residential block. Flanked by prestigious Park & Lexington Avenues, the house is set amid Manhattan's most elegant neighborhood on the Upper East Side and is just a stroll away from Central Park.

There are beds for everyone...

and you will find every amenity is provided!

Down pillows and comforters...and the rooms are just so pretty. It was a truly perfect day. Well, except that poor Brian just never found us! I am sure the dear man is bereft...Huh? Did anyone hear that knock on the door? I'll go!

What? Huh? You are from the city? Wha...uh...something from Brian? *sigh*
Well, a gift is a gift right? He included flowers right? At least he didn't forget me!


Thanks to all of you for spending the day here in New York City with me.

Somebody had to keep an eye on me right?
After all, I am now the big double nickle...yup. Susie Q is 55!

Hey? Are you all asleep? Is anyone else hungry?