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Friday, August 31, 2012

Winston 'Screams Soyo!

Ah, it's Sir Winston again and this time he is 
bringing the 'scream with him!
We have a new frozen yogurt spot near us and 
decided to try it out! They have Dog Nite every Monday!
 Uh huh. EVERY Monday! Winston can barely contain his joy!

Hey 'bout some for the dog here?

Did ya hear me? I said how 'bout some for ME?

Are you really gonna eat ALL of that?

Mom, put down that camera and get me some 'scream! Pullleeezze!

I said pulleezze...

'K...I smiled...I am smilin'...lookin' cute...did it work?

What's Dad got there? A pup cup of nilla all for me??

Now THIS is what I'm talkin' 'bout!

Nom nom nom nom....

Hey Soyo peeps...see ya next Monday...oh, and THANKS!

Susie Q

Take Me Out To The Ball Game... last time before Summer ends! It was a perfect 
Summer evening, high 70s with little humidity. 
My brother got tickets for all of us to see the local 
Cincinnati Reds farm team,
The Dayton Dragons. It is always a treat to
spend some time at Fifth Third Field in downtown Dayton.
Close to the action, very family friendly and just plain fun!

It was my Mom's first time to be at a Dragon's game!

Our Dragon mascot, Heater!

Heater and his little sister Gem!


Ah yes. Joey Votto. One of the reasons we brought Mom.
Joey is her favorite ball player hands down. Joey is a National League star and
plays for the Cincinnati Reds. Recently he had surgery and is re habbing...
so, while doing so, he is playing with the Dragons!
 He began his pro career with the Dragons so it's only fitting!
Here's hoping Joey will be healed
 soon and back with our Reds!

Do you think Mom might like this on an 11 x 14 canvas?
Uh huh. I do too!

Heater and Gem are always in the crowd entertaining

And really, it's all about the sweet faces of the children having 
so much fun on a late Summer's evening!

Thank you for spending this lovely evening with us...
now, pass those peanuts.

Susie Q

Friday, August 24, 2012

Moore Dessert Please!

How cute are they?

And how cute is this shop!  A little dessert boutique near Dayton...

Proprietor Brittany Moore promises that everything they make is fresh 

baked daily, always from scratch and

never resold the next day! 

All cupcakes are always $2.50 and so worth it! So delicious!

And yes...if you are a fan of The Food Network's Cupcake Wars, you may

recognize Brittany! She was featured this season in an episode aired in May.

The Moore Dessert Please team finished a close second but there
were a few of us who thought they deserved the win! 
Their display was awesome! 

Bill and I promise it will be delicious!

For more information: 
1003 Shroyer Rd. Dayton, Ohio  | 937-297-0293 | 

Susie Q

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Farewell To An Old Friend

At least that is how it feels! One of my most favorite spots in 
Dayton is closing their doors. Not for lack of business..oh my no!
It is not easy to get a reservation at all!
But the owners were faced with a tough decision. 
They were asked to renew their lease for 5 years and, sadly, 
they came to the conclusion to end this most glorious run.

Both Terry and Vickie work so, so hard!
I often wonder where they get their energy! 
We always surmised it was the tea! But when you must
 look at another 5 is understandable. 
Just yesterday my friends and I went down to
say our farewells. The owner, Terry Roland, says the decision
 was difficult and met with a few tears. 
I know he and Vicki will miss their customers. 
We will surely miss them!

Terry Ronald was born and raised in Wallasey, England, 
 a town located directly across the River Mersey from Liverpool.
 He has lived in the US for many years, having had a career as 
a civilian aerospace scientist at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base
 before retiring a few years ago.

Vicki Morris has lived in Dayton most of her life but, like me, has felt a 
very strong affinity for all things British for as long as she can recall.
 Being involved in this venture is almost as 
rewarding for her as moving to England. 

My friends and I, my mother and Grace, celebrated many a birthday here.
We have fond memories of a British tea done to perfection.

To hear Terry tell the story of Basically British click here!


Farewell Basically British. 
You will remain in our sweet memories and hearts forever.

Susie Q