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Saturday, May 30, 2009

They're Tearing Down Our Memories...

And these I see-these sparkling eyes,
These stores of mystic meaning-these young lives.
Building, equipping, like a fleet of ships-immortal ships!
Soon to sail out over the measureless seas,
On the soul's voyage.
~Walt Whitman
...and he the pilot, who has laid the course
For all to steer by honest, unafraid-
Truth is his beacon light, so he has made
The name of the old school is a living force.
~Andrew Barton Paterson
They are tearing down our memories...brick by brick, throughout the Summer of '09. Wilbur Wright High School has stood her ground, yes, for 83 long years she has weathered what life has thrown at her. But they say she is too old now and, as seems to be the fashion in this country, she will torn down to make way for the new. Still, for those of us who loved her, and our ranks are many, she will remain in our memories and in our hearts.
I was student director of "Our Town" and also drew the cover image for the playbill. (Yes, it seems rather childish now to me too!)
This montage was found in the alumni room along with so many things from our school's proud past..
For a few hours last Saturday, alumni were invited back to tour their beloved school. The hallways were filled with people from all age groups, walks of life and socio ethnic groups. We were bound together by our shared affection for this place and memories of school days past. I shared this tour with 3 of my dearest friends, friends who knew me then, know me now and still seem to like me. Imagine that! Such connections are priceless...
This is also the year my graduating class will celebrate our 35th reunion. Seeing the old school become a pile of brick and steel will be hard on so many.
Are all our memories sweet? Of course not. Very few of us get out of High School without experiencing a broken heart, some embarassment, a little fear...for some those unpleasant emotions were brief, for others, they were an all too familiar, much too constant, ache.
But there are those precious memories that, as we age, seem to take center stage in our stories & in our mind's eye and make us smile broadly.
This old building has seen her share of pain, victory, laughter and tears. She has lived a good life, a full and rich lfe.
2 years ago the city of Dayton razed our elementary school, the place I called my home away from home from Kindergarten through the 8th grade. They built, in it's place, something shiny and new and technologically more savvy but lacking any real heart, any real soul.
To read the post I did about that, just click on this link ~Kemp Elementary~
And now it's my High School's turn.
We all came for one last look...and to say goodbye. Good bye to the Wilbur Wright that I will never be forgotten.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Boo's Day Out...

We had our nephew Brady on Sunday so what to do, what to do..what
about a drive and a visit to Young's Dairy?
What's your pleasure?
Chocolate, Vanilla, Butter Pecan, Black Walnut,
Cookies and Cream, Brownie Delight, Cotton Candy,
Mint Chocolate, Oreo Cookie,
Strawberry, Rocky Road...or what about some gelato? Or sherbet? hey! How about a banana split? A sundae?
A root beer float? I know! A milkshake!
Boo and Uncle Bill contemplate this question...
"I'm just not too sure about them Uncle Bill..."
Which way are the cows Boo?
Yup...there they are! Hello cows!
There were lots of sweet baby animals...
...and lovely flowers to see...
..and two precious men with whom to share it all!
I hope your week is going ever so well!
Love and Hugs,
Susie Q

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Brian's Song...

...and dance.
Ah...where to begin...
I see my gal Susie Q's been in a funk.
She thinks no one comes by to read all this junk... Why should they I say, it's boring today...and yesterday too, yet still you go on, sheesh! Leave it to you... Just like when I asked you to follow me less...still you persisted, became a real pest.
I wrote out this note, here, I'll read it again..."You're becoming
annoying Susie my friend!"
Twice I asked nicely but did you leave be? Nope, you just
posted more pictures of me!
Aw &%$#*&%$#!
You mean well it seems so I guess I should laugh...
that someone like you would choose a blog path.
Your writing is sub par but you're tryin' your best.
May I give you advice? You need a blogger guest. I'd be willing to pop in here occasionally...
...if you promise to keep your hands off of ME!
I'll try to feel honored that you think I'm still hot...just try to behave
'cause a writer you're not! You need lots of help from many a source,
call in the Marines, Army, Navy, Air Force! Go back to school and
practice some more, then your blog will be better, be less of a bore.
Work on your photos and brush up your grammar or you'll be sitting in the Bloggy World slammer.
Got it? I am only one man...*sigh* I can not do all of this alone.
I hope this little talk helped.

Monday, May 25, 2009

In Remembrance

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Alone Again...Naturally...

Edited to add:
I love you all..thank you for the sweet comments. Please forgive me for being so silly and selfish and self absorbed. I think that the last 3 weeks of busy-ness and being so tired have taken their toll on me! And yes sweet Chris, part of it is MENOPAUSE! *laugh*
I promise I will become more regular at posting and do more visiting as well. I fully understand people not leaving comments. I DO I swear. I do the same things I am afraid. : (
I guess that, after almost 3 years of blogging, I was beginning to think I had worn thin on people.
But I love all of you and love what blogging has brought to my life. I am thankful for you, for it.
God Bless you all. See you on Tuesday! a child of the 60s and 70s, so many things remind me of song lyrics from that era. Anyone else remember the song in the post title? *smile* Yes, I have been a naughty bloggy friend and not visited as I would like to. These past 3 weeks have been crazy and this weekend is no exception. I have so many photos and postings to share with you all. But I must pop in and say something. I am beginning to feel quite alone here of late. Maybe it's just the Summer funks for me or whatever but I find myself wondering if I should continue blogging. I seem to be losing visitors by the handful these days and so many old friends don't drop by like they used to. Maybe I am just tired and cranky and menopausal (probably!). I may not "give the people what they want" so no one cares anymore. *shrug* I dunno...maybe I am just feeling sorry for myself.
That's probably it huh?
Bloggy World has given me far more than I ever expected or and oh so dear friends, a new found joy in the world of photography and a chance to express myself a bit from time to time. I treasure these things.
I am at my brother's this weekend, staying with my nephew while they are away. It has been a wild weekend of high school tours and birthday parties and my Mom is still not feeling as she should so that is a huge concern for me. I hope to be back blogging regularly by Tuesday and, even if I am just talking to myself, I think I will be here. I always did talk to myself anyhoo.
I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend...Summer is officially here!
This Memorial Day, take a moment to pause and remember all of the men and women of our Armed Forces, past and present, who unconditionally give of themselves for us.
Then go grill a burger or two...
Love and Hugs,
Susie Q, who will get over her funk soon

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Kipper Speaks...

...'n shakes, 'n sits,'n lays down, 'n...well, my Mom says I am really
talented dudes! 'Course I'm too, too modest to say that but SHE can right?
Gosh but it has been too long since'n I wrote you huh dudes?
It is awfully hard for a little dude to do all this typin' and spellin',
especially with no thumbs!
Since my Mom has been really, really, really busy 'n all, I decided to give her a break and do a post for her! Aw gee. That's just the kinda little dude I am 'n all. Mom has been takin' care a my Gram, seein' Grace play softball, babysittin', takin' pictures for people, keepin' the house free a monsters 'n goin' places dog dudes can't go.
But the old folks DID take me to Ritter's on Dog Night 'n I KNEW you would wanna share it with me. Right dude type people?
This is me 'n my old man dude but you already knew that huh? I was wearin' my "My people went to Disney World and all they got me was this lousy bandanna!" bandanna with Pluto on it. It is cute 'n all but sheesh! It really WAS all they got me when they went to Disney World!!
This is my Sissy and my new friend Miss Sue. I can 'member her name easy dudes 'cause it is my Mom's name too. ('Cept'n I just call my Mom, Mom) Miss Sue is really nice and pretty and I liked that she went with us. My Mom met Miss Sue here in bloggy world which is NOT like Disney World but maybe better says Mom! Miss Sue 'n my Mom got some kinda sundae called a turtle but I didn't see any turtle 'n if'n I did I wouldn't EAT it!
My Sissy got a sundae that had dirt
'n worms in it! Really dudes! 'N she ate it! Even I don't eat dirt...okay, so I did once but I was only little dudes! Gee whiz...
I want ya to see some of the cool dog type dude peeps that were at Ritter's!
This little dude came over to see me so's I let him pet me 'n all.
That is just the kinda dog dude I am 'n all.
This cool dude is Frankie. Frankie's dad dog dude was a Black Labrador and his mom dog dude was a Basset Hound so's Frankie looks like this! I think he looks perfect just the way he is right dudes?
Rrrrrrrr...that's ALL folks!
'N that's all for ME too dudes! I'll be back in June with more stuff from Ritter's Dog Night!
Till then, be good dudes!
Love 'N Tail Wags,